Project publicity a bank mortgage, why worry?

Although experiencing some mixed reaction the DN is affected but the announcement the Bank mortgage project in HO CHI MINH CITY, Hanoi is seen as a positive move, contribute to market transparency, protecting the rights of home buyers. Most of the ENTERPRISES are in need of financial leverage. Characteristics of the REAL ESTATE market in Vietnam is dependent on the credit capital, of which about 70% was the capital of the Bank. Thus, many experts believe that the number of mortgage banking projects announced recently is just the "tip of the iceberg" and most of the REAL ESTATE projects all have to mortgage to bank loans.

Project publicity a bank mortgage, why worry?
Mr. Le Hoang Chau-President Ho Chi Minh REAL ESTATE Association also said that the DN housing projects, mortgage, bank loans to develop the project and completed buildings, then make the accept is common. At the same time, a number of home mortgage investment projects to the bank issuing the guarantee deed project also nothing unusual. Longer mortgages will become extraordinary when projects are not eligible stays home sales, projects home sales were still the mortgage, the owner did not inform clients that the project has the mortgage and not accept the apartment was sold. Single elections as some investors in Ho Chi Minh City had hidden us the mortgage project in a long time makes people buy home suffers because the Red Book does not do.

At a recently held talks is located in Ho Chi Minh City, the experts also said that the project has a mortgage or not is not the major problem that's important that project implementation, where legal, true home delivery commitment or not and be certified by the Department of construction of eligible home sale or not. Even experts also stressed that only those new borrowers, not small FIRMS still most ENTERPRISES are using financial leverage, the powerful new. Review under this angle, the project was Bank loans are good projects, because the Bank more than anyone, understood the power of the owner after a thorough evaluation process before receiving mortgages and loans. Ms. Vu Thi Advice, head of the Office of the Permanent Steering Committee of the housing policy and the REAL ESTATE market-construction Department HCM also said that people are confusing mortgage project is weak, while the DN is trivial.

Transparent REAL ESTATE market

Tan Hoang Minh group representative said that the DN part mortgage property on land of apartment project D '. Le Pont D'or-Request to bank loans for project development is normal services. Article 147 the Housing Law in effect from 1/7/2015 also stipulates: "the investor in housing construction projects are projects or mortgage housing building in the project at credit institutions in Vietnam to loans for investment projects or build houses." Until this point, bank credit capital also accounted for only a small percentage compared to the total investment in the project.

Besides, it also said that the Bank receives collateral projects and this information should be public is seen as more positive element is negative as that, the REAL ESTATE market will more transparent and the client's interests are secured. According to the arguments of the Tan Hoang Minh representatives, only the owner would have the prestige, power project, only those projects would have good business prospects, the new Bank accepts as collateral and loans. And when the loan then the Bank will manage very tight cash flow, forcing the investor to set up an account at the Bank for a loan to pay the money. At the same time, all revenues and expenses of the investors are also closely monitoring banks, ensuring money is used.

According to Hoang Minh representative, the Bank will also closely monitor the business processes of the project. When the owner signed a contract for the sale of apartments with customers, investors and banks will charge accept that apartment. After finishing, the customer may accept collateral that apartment to key bank loans if there is demand. Doing so will avoid a collateral 2 times, to avoid risks for both the Bank and the customer. Thus, it asserts, the home mortgage investment property part D ' project. Le Pont D'or-the bridge does not affect the rights of customers who buy houses in this project as well as the level of the Red Book.

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