Power Industry HO CHI MINH City deploy many applications serving clients

In 2017, the total power company HO CHI MINH CITY (EVNHCMC) has been promoting the application of science and technology to improve the quality of customer service. EVNHCMC construction workers do not cut power on the line carrying electricity. Right from the beginning in 2017, the total power company HO CHI MINH CITY (EVNHCMC) has built a specific deployment plan with the theme "promoting modernization of the management of the electrical system" under the direction of Vietnam electricity is the electricity sector to promote science and technology.

Power Industry HO CHI MINH City deploy many applications serving clients

Modernization in the industry. Exchange with HO CHI MINH CITY Law. HCM, Mr. Pham Quoc Bao, Deputy General Director of EVNHCMC, said at present the Corporation has established a remote control center (pilot operation from, 5/2015 and expected official operation on April 8/2017). This central role is particularly important in the management of the operation of the grid with the task of tracking, monitoring the situation of power supply and remote control the grid in the entire city it includes 110 kV substations and switches on the medium voltage grid.

Next, EVNHCMC are implementing pilot areas for the smart grid and smart grid on a small scale (Micro-Grid) in order to improve the reliability of electricity supply. At the same time reduce the power loss and the use of electric energy, efficiency savings in the public sector. In addition, the Corporation also has taken steps to implement the pilot project on Micro-Grid in Quang Trung software Park. Boost automation power grid through the deployment of 110 kV substations are not the users and distribution grid automation 22 kV. Continue to promote technology applications do not cut power on the line carrying electricity (Live-Line working) to minimize the time the interrupt provided by the work on the grid.

The Corporation also has researched, manufactured and put into use the 21 sets of sanitary porcelain lines 110 kV, 22 kV with high pressure spray faucet (wash porcelain online) for high-voltage power grid company and the electricity company. EVNHCMC are continuing to promote the deployment of software to serve the management of specific operators, such as program source management and grid (PMIS); measuring system of counting remote meter data (MDMS); the application of geographic information system (GIS) grid with six thematic maps serve technical management, operation management; program monitoring electric repair workers (CRM-App). More convenience for customers

Promoting the application of science and technology not only made in the management, operation, but also EVNHCMC emphasis in business power sewed and services for customers. Accordingly, to achieve customer satisfaction index at the end of the year 2016 is 8.6/10 score, the Corporation has diversified forms of customer care through the channels of customer care center as operator or customer applications on mobile devices (NHAN EVNHCMC), Zalo on ...

Are known to the present except the mobile money services is providing reach level 4, all remaining services are provided by the Corporation are meet level 3 online service. Besides, EVNHCMC has applied the electric bill by electronic form, 1/2014 with more than 2.2 million from clients. At the same time, the company also implemented a range of add-on applications for clients such as power electronics design applications have features measured; customer care applications on mobile devices (NHAN EVNHCMC); mobile device applications in electrical recording, collecting the money and the outside; application of GIS in management of operation and customer care ... Leadership EVNHCMC adds, the Corporation will deploy the installation of grid connected solar power systems in all of the headquarters of the power company in the year 2017.

EVN HANOI constantly improving to better serve customers

Nguyen Anh Tuan, Chairman and CEO Of power company EVN confirmed Hanoi HANOI will not stop change, constantly innovating, constantly improving service to clients. 23/12 morning at the Union Hotel Promotion (Tay HO, Ha Noi), EVN HANOI has organised the Conference using your customer in 2016. To attend and had directed Mr. Pham Quang Huy-Deputy Director electricity regulators, Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung – Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the Association standards and consumer protection Vietnam, especially in the presence of more than 100 clients representing more than 2.2 million customers who use electricity in the capital.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Trung – HANOI EVN Vice General Director presented the report at the Conference. The Conference using your customer by the EVN HANOI meeting is held between the client and the electricity sector, the coordination support, help in the passage of time, listen to the opinions, Exchange from customers, and customers to capture the power industry's development roadmap in General of EVN and HANOI in particular. The content of the Conference expressed the commitment of the power industry: constantly improve customer service work, publicity and business targets, the target service to the customers know, suggest that the supervision of the customer with the service activities of the electricity sector, with the message "accountability-transparency".

Mr. Doan Van Thang customer representative the company produces high-end Plastic Items do not share your opinion at the meeting. At the meeting, representatives from the customers use of electricity has to share 10 comments. In addition, Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung – Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the Association standards and consumer protection Vietnam reviews: "EVN HANOI had more trying in customer service, apply more advanced, new technology to improve the quality of services, make information transparency between the seller and buyer of electricity".

"Typically in the index record, consumers can look up the index and the images captured on the customer care website. Each month, consumers receive free messages and index records schedule join the previous monitoring period on record, then still keep getting the message output and electricity use, "said Hung stressed. He added: "there are also many other innovations such as the diversification of forms of payment for electricity, adopt e-invoicing ... Perhaps this is the answer to the question why the service complaints sent to Congress over the years has fallen ".

Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung – Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the Association standards and consumer protection speech at the Vietnam Conference. Speech directed at meeting customer of EVN HANOI, said Pham Quang Huy-Deputy Director electricity regulators appreciate the impressive results of the EVN HANOI in the year 2016, specifically: the volume of technical management of the EVN HANOI increased by about 32% compared to the year 2012. In that, capacity 110 kV stations increased 66%, capacity increased 36% distribution stations; The number of customers in 2016 is estimated to be more than 2.27 million-increased 13.2% compared to the year 2012; Power loss rate estimated to reach 5.3% 0.41% decrease compared to the year 2015.

Mr. Pham Quang Huy-Deputy Director General power to regulate speech directed at the Conference. In the period 2012-2016, EVN HANOI maintains the level of commercial power output growth CAGR is 10.1%. In 2016, the commercial power output estimated to reach 15,404 million kWh; Compared to the year 2012, the year 2016 estimates the average outage time of customers falling nearly 9,000 hours (from 2012 year down 816.52 minutes minutes 9,816 in 2016); the number of times the average customer's power is reduced and the number of times the 7.96 blackout transient of customers falling 0.81 times.

The Corporation also took over and solve new power supply for customers with average time on 1.41/requirements, with works with average time estimate on 7.12 for the work of the industry (2.88 lower day than regulation of EVN and lower on the year 2015 compared to 0.6). Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan-The Commissioner, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and ceo of EVN HANOI spoke at the Conference. About the direction the task in the coming period, Comrade asking EVN HANOI efforts, overcome difficulties and the challenge of completing the indicators and improving the quality of electric power Industry delivered by 2020.

Besides, Comrade also directed EVN HANOI continues to enhance business efficiency, improve the quality of infrastructure and people meet the wholesale electricity market competition were the Government and passed by Congress. Mr. Nguyen Quang Trung, Vice Director General of EVN HANOI awarded prizes to the lucky customer. Also within the framework of the Conference, the EVN HANOI has conducted, awarded the contest prize clients learn about operations, customer, customer program lucky calls to customer care center and lucky client program when paying money through the Bank or intermediary organizations.

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