Phu Quoc travel enjoy the flavor specialties of the sea home

Phu Quoc travel today, is one of the tourist places that so many Vietnam and international tourist interest, not only because of the beautiful scenery of the river water, but also a lot of things that you have to explore further here. A lot of historical importance are kept in Phu Quoc, and geographic features that would lead the delegation go to Phu Quoc, Nguyen Thanh Tam please a Phu Quoc dogs adopted, to bring a lot of value in his little family.

Phu Quoc travel enjoy the flavor specialties of the sea home
Phu Quoc-not far away had wanted to come back. I came to China on a fall day to recede the dazzling sunshine chang of Saigon. Over every word of praise, after returning, I had intended to move to this live because in addition to the cool climate, delicious seafood, people here are very nice, dear. New-legs views of people ... To Phu Quoc has more than 1 h pm, after lunch and rest at the hotel, we began to explore the Emerald Isle's graceful first scores-sacred relics of the people of the sea, the ideal point of sunset. Sitting on a high ledge, eye towards the sea, head restraints on the road, around you is frankincense mixed smell of the ocean breeze hanh hao, dong thong watch the giant orange yellow fire pans slowly sank. A very peaceful feeling, relaxed.

"Go China without going fishing, you have missed the most attractive part of the island"-a friend who used to live in the Emerald Isle said so when I knew coming here. On the spacious, cruise ships, although seasickness fainting fisheries but when just anchored in the Sea, the crew must awaken by the tiny island between the blue waters of the sea. Drop the bait down to the sea in just a few moments, I got a black Grouper to branch with four fingers. On the ship, had Oh up to enjoy because of the amateur fishermen catch. Soon, the small bucket filled, the fish jump the process in the eyes of the kids like it.

Ship to dock Long Beach-one of the most unspoiled and beautiful beaches in the world to both the crew rest, sea bath before lunch. The beach where the sloped water in so clearly see each tiny sand grains, soft under foot and small fish. Coastal, the cool blue ocean and showers love and lullabies my concentration for drunk guests are sunbathing or rest on hammocks ... It's hard to find a peaceful place, as this diff.

On the way home, we explore the forest and fauna are extremely rich with so many birds. The mountains coincided to create verdant message streams in veo, delighting human day and night. This season, the stream served topped with white coating, water Additions from upstream, weave through the wooded ravine. One also cannot ignore the moment be slammed ùm down streams to relax and cool bath ... and tasty cuisine at sea. After waving the fine sand on the rental agreement, spoiled exploring goal, House sauce containers or the historical fame ... What do I hardly moved the heels from Phu Quoc is specialties. Assure you, despite going to the local Sun, of it will make you remember your fan spins. Shellfish, herring is the first dish I tried although somewhat afraid because these fish live. So that, just his book pieces fresh fish seafood with a variety of vegetables, flaked coconut in a little piece of rice paper and dotted with fine sauce ... different sensations! Fishy smell is gone, instead the aroma of forest vegetables in the same fat and crispy fish's do I want to eat forever.

Nhum-celebrated dishes in the Emerald Isle can cook the porridge, made with fried or baked ... but to me the most delicious eaten raw dotted along the salt and lemon pepper mustard. Pungent taste of mustard to take fishy smell, the only remaining greasy taste of nhum. Horn-border meat between two marginal shells the best chilli salt bake tomorrow, by then the toughness of brittle, taste it. The most interesting is when you sit yourself up from the sea, sitting with friends kitchen party embers and feel the sweetness of the boundary together tomorrow a little Horn salty, spicy chilli salt Cup.

With crab, has many options such as rice porridge, steamed crab, crab steamed with beer ... but I like crab boil than by intact taste of the sea, sweet flesh and will not be described. Fish ball soup cake back help me no kindness after enjoying bunch of seafood. This dish is known for tough medium-sized mackerel rolls crispy and cooked soup pot with Minced pork and bone. When eaten, will feel soft, plastic cake fiber salty sweet taste of the broth, subdued made delicious fish and grilled fish, spicy spicy sauce and some green vegetables fiber free. Of course, few dishes mentioned above are just a few highlights in the long list of delicious dishes you should try in Phu Quoc. So, once you've set foot on the Emerald Isle, you make life complete is the same island residents the tasty specialties of the sea. That would be a clam filled anniversary tour and you will desire more than once back.

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