PGS. DR. Vu Thanh Ca: Drowning in Vinh Tan is possible, if ...

Regarding please engulfing dredging substances to build coal Harbour, serves thermal power Center in the Vinh Tan (Binh Thuan Province), PGS. DR. Vu Thanh Ca-Director of the international cooperation in science and technology, the General Department of Sea and Islands Vietnam-Member marine environment expert group of the United Nations said this is workable and has scientific basis. PGS. DR. Vu Thanh Ca-Director of the international cooperation in science and technology, the General Department of sea and Islands Vietnam-environment expert group members the United Nations sea-photo: Nail Wins. Engulfing will minimize damage

PGS. DR. Vu Thanh Ca: Drowning in Vinh Tan is possible, if ...

- Reporter: Mr. ASS, why get sunk into the sea dredging quality better pour in on the banks?

PGS. DR. Vu Thanh Ca: pour the dredging on the actual substance very difficult, expensive, or even impossible due to the large surface area required. Secondly, dredging sand mud is salty substance will make salty soil, salty groundwater levels. This takes a lot of years to rainwater can washed. The salty will disrupt the entire ecosystem of an area. Also when engulfing under the sea, then the damage will be reduced so much by the position engulfing it is about resource-rich areas, ecological and can control the impact of Acceptor sink to the surrounding area.

- Reporter: Has the idea that it should use the material dredged material sedimentation, serves the reclaimed works because the advantage is having the embankment to "lock" the material back. The perspective of ASS like?

PGS. DR. Vu Thanh Ca: doing this will have much impact. The coast is currently in the position of equilibrium and kinetic factors (such as wave and ocean flow) and transport of sand and mud are maintaining that balance. For the coastline is suffering erosion, to protect the coast against erosion, we must determine the balance of sand to mud solution intervention, clearing more mud sand as if suffering from the deficiency. Do the embankment at a reclaimed sand poured the area as Binh Thuan's proposal would alter the market waves, flow, prevent cat shipping line and thus break the existing balance. In addition, the embankment is also capable of breaking sea encroachment to protect the natural coastline. The study found the sand as in Binh Thuan's likely target riveted to the 90% of the wave energy, while the reclaimed embankment only concur is 10% to 30% of the wave energy. Consequently, coastal works normally (as embankment) can only be sustained if there were sandy beach front. Because reclaimed areas no sandy beaches, waves will hit directly on the embankment and embankment crash, leaving a wild coast and bring investments of hundreds, even thousands of billions "into the sea". Furthermore, by breaking the balance of sand, reclaimed buildings will cause erosion in the coast area next to it. Experience erosion in Hoi An for that show, embankment by the resort construction can not prevent the rampaging and some resort to suffer erosion, vandalism even deserted. Furthermore, is the permanent destructive polder waters. Other than drowning, if the bottom is sand, at the got to sink the ecosystem will recover quite quickly after the drowning. To protect the coast, according to the agreement, should be reclaimed. Japan, Singapore has reclaimed but they prefer natural, use works to change the school and poured sand to feed yards, creating reclaimed parking. This way has reclaimed Miami, just protect the banks. Panorama of the Vinh Tan power Center-photo: The Central

- Reporter: With the project please engulfing of Permanent power Center, dredging chemicals collected mostly mud, sand. There was also the view that it should be "recovered" to sell abroad, ass comments?

PGS. DR. Vu Thanh Ca: sand is a type of resource, is increasingly rare due to the current hydroelectric dams, irrigation has virtually blocked out the sand in the sources. The amount of the remaining sand flows down to the level of no longer flows into the sand accretion. Therefore, the need to find ways of keeping the cat. If receive appropriate, sank in the sand will gradually be brought back waves to the shore to shore beach accretion. So, sand dredging is also part of the national territory, should not think of selling. Need to choose the time of drowning suit

- Reporter: 2 expected position please get sunk dredging substance of Permanent electricity centres reserve The Front Satellites from 8 – 10 km. This has the ability to affect the protected area do not, my ASS?

PGS. DR. Vu Thanh Ca: the issue here is the need to consider the drowning occurred on time. Characteristics of the system the flow the waters of Binh Thuan is predominantly coastal flowing side lines have direction from South to North, off outside in the summer and in the winter. If you choose the time engulfing the southwest monsoon period (summer), the sea flows will bring cloudy water comes out of the far left, then sand deposited right down the bottom. The mud deposition to the bottom part, the part will be shipped out on the outside and the water will settle down the country with great depth in the offing. Therefore, in my opinion, if done engulfing then explicitly only in the period from May-October annually, in terms of having the southwest monsoon. When the northeast monsoon, if coastal flow switch in the direction from North to South, they must stop the engulfing, wait until new stood should continue to perform. Also, in the process of getting the sink must be closely monitored to ensure stop getting sunk when mud concentrations in water in marine protected areas boundaries and shoal Breda exceeds allowed. If the sink is done strictly as such, along with the use diaphragms and sludge drain technology, it will not significantly affect the marine conservation zones to The Cau. Engulfing dredging substances are popular activities in the world-photo source.

- Reporter: Please accept the position is expected to sink by Vinh Tan power company 1 has the depth-36 m, Power Corporation's 3 is from-45 to-50.9 m. Ecosystems in these areas may be affected, ladies ASS?

PGS. DR. Vu Thanh Ca: drowning in each different area it must make specific seabed survey of the area. My experience after many years of research in the area of the sea, drowning is the sand and with poor ecosystem, so the damage caused by sand dredging mud engulfing a little and this ecosystem will have the ability to recover quickly after the drowning. The results of environmental monitoring by platform tube, tractor and diving ocean observation of Oceanographic Institute to be published in the coming time will indicate the status of sea bottom ecosystem areas expected to drown.

- Reporter: Before the stream that should carry the substance dredged away and drown, this is not feasible, your ASS?

PGS. DR. Vu Thanh Ca: absolutely not so. If the sink in sand slurry remote lost, i.e. sand mud down the deep sea and then, there's nothing to preserve the beach shore. Second, carry out dredging substance very expensive because to hire a barge to specialized vessels such as barges or of China, while Vietnam, the logfiles do not meet. Moreover, the more the wind wave goes further, conditions will be more dangerous. Noting that other countries, including the countries of Western Europe, Northern Europe, the USA and many other countries mainly drown right coast to retain the sand for Beach coast of their country. Therefore, in the sink, always be really careful calculations to balance both environmental and security problems of the economy. Fact, Vietnam still make engulfing and in the future we must still continue to sink. Therefore, the management, the strict control of operations receiving sunk in the sea is one of the most important content of the sustainable development of sea economy green.

- Reporter: thank you ASS!

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