One more North Korean citizens crossed the sea of asylum in South Korea

The Council Chief, army of South Korea said at 1 a.m. Friday (11/8), the South Korean military has been a rescue North Korean people on the sea near the island of Gyodong (Incheon City) on the West Coast. This person has crossed the sea to seek asylum in South Korea. The military are conducted to verify the identities of people in the North speak on, the investigation on the engine and the road running.

The population of the North is a young men in their 20s, are soldiers of marine forces Korea's detection by thermal sensors while on duty guarding, and instructed people attributed the row as prescribed. Before that, on 1/7, a boat carrying five civilians have crossed the boundaries of the military court (NLL) in the waters to the East toseek asylum in the South.

South Korea captured the North Korea Coast escape

A Korean citizen has been the South Korea arrested after crossing the border on the West Sea, according to the Council of the Chief of army of South Korea. Yonhap News Agency on 11/8, a Korean man has been arrested after a South Korean effort to cross the border to escape. According to the Council of the Chief of army of South Korea, while monitoring the border area, the military discovered the defect and to rescue the people in the area, near the border of Gyodong island in the Yellow Sea on at 1 am today.

According to preliminary investigation results, the defect is a young age of 20. At present, people are detained for questioning about the reason and the method of escape from North Korea. This is the case of the Korean people crossed the border to South Korea in the latest year. Last month, five Koreans also were arrested when using small boats crossed the northern border in the East China Sea to defect to South Korea. In June this year, a pair of father and son from Korea also crossed the border to seek asylum in South Korea.

The South Korean Unification Ministry said, since the beginning of the year until now has 11 Koreans have crossed the border to South Korea by sea or through the fortified border Contact North Korea, compared with the number 7 people in the year 2016. The Ministry of unification of South Korea said that it's too early to affirm North Korea are in the unrest, but the South Korea will increase surveillance on.

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