Non-loans mortgage watch the money

Not a few people have become debtor "no time limit" when trót loan of objects of usury was hiding the ball for lenders do not need mortgages. Recently, the type of credit loans do not need mortgages appear rampant in the province of Quang Ngai. With no ads: fast, compact, the borrowers are getting money right away without having to mortgage the property has made many people "trapped". In fact, this type of loan, with the interest rate that the borrower must pay at a high level. Once the borrower Chameleon, borrow money at these addresses, the amount paid by a dozen times the amount of the loan. Because interest rates are too high should not obscure to sell House, sell the property to pay the debt. If not repay the bad objects to SWAT, crap.

Non-loans mortgage watch the money
The power head, walls of houses in Quang Ngai city was where the ads of the kind of lending do not need mortgages. Many objects also in Cardvisit and hire people to stand in public venues, the area traffic signal lights for road riders invited to participate. Ad content is also very attractive as just 1 day, the borrower can get money without collateral property or to do anything complicated procedures, from as long as out as when borrowers and banks with only 1 payroll if the servants, or identity paper or Hukou, the people there will be demand for loans. As the demand for loans, according to Times journalist in VIETNAM + phone number of a brochure to find out more:

Reporter: is the company Ha Quang?


Reporter: his Spot for the loan didn't you?


Reporter: I need a loan of about 10 million, then how is the procedure?

Roasted Parrot and the main ID server.

Reporter: how interest rates?

5 thousand/million/day, ensure

Reporter: the reduced interest rate?

He borrowed many of the rising right.

Through the exchange of the above, can be seen, the interest rate the borrower must pay the company 5,000 Dong a day if the loan 1 million. At first glance, the idea sounded less but in fact this is the interest rate. If compared with the interest rate of the Bank today, spreads over 15 times. By the interest of the banks currently range from 0.6 to 1% per month, this business of lending up to 15% per month. To control this situation, the State Bank branch-Quang Ngai province had suggested writing PPC Ad direction handles the Organization, the individual was hiding the ball left lending law. The organizations and individuals have the paste advertising banners in public places is the audience we're getting the ball as usury, no function for the loans violated the law.

Mr Tran, Director of the State Bank branch-Quang Ngai province for or: via the tracking, monitoring, State Bank branch in Quang Ngai province noticed, these billboards are not of the Bank. This is the Organization, individuals can in Quang Ngai province, can other places came to lending activities, hiding the form of usury. State Bank branch-Quang Ngai province also specifically 2 businesses have the paste advertising panels is HA Quang A&E Co., Ltd., no. Hung Vuong and Most commercial Credit Co., Ltd., no. Quang Trung, Quang Ngai city has no function for loans. Planning and investment in Quang Ngai province, where the business registration license said, this business both registered the business quite the same and not related to the credit lending.

State Bank branch-Quang Ngai province also recommended people should not loan organizations have billboards for not only high interest rates but also many other risks are very unpredictable. Mr Tran, Director of the State Bank branch-Quang Ngai province said: for the people we are very vigilant, we now have on our network of banks, credit institutions are very wide so all the relationship should go to the Bank, should not participate in borrowing in the Organization individuals illegal activity including in terms of Economics and other related risks.

The last time, not a few people have become debtor "no time limit" when trót loan of objects of usury was hiding the ball under types of loans do not require collateral. "The interest rate the interest rate the mother tongue", many people have to sell House, sell the door to pay the debt. This is the activity violates the law should be handled strictly. People have the need for loans to commercial banks should contact and loan procedure instructions. Her children don't because a little pillow, listening to "the road" and "money trap".

The "rigged" when consumer credit loans

The technique is usually the finance company use "planted" the user when signing credit loan makes the user fall at a disadvantage when something happens. Competition Management Department, the industry recently warned a lot of infringement on consumer rights when using the services of consumer credit. Users should be alert to the following behavior to protect their rights:

-Provide content missing, inaccurate: Counsellor not fully informed, correct about the interest of the contract; about how interest penalties; about the time limit to pay monthly and a number of special provisions in consumer credit contracts. This omission makes the consumers don't know exactly about the obligations, leading to incorrect execution of the contract and incurred fines. In many cases, when consumers wonder about the level of the fines do not get the quick, accurate explanations from the companies. Even, most cases crash pushed the responsibility from the staff to the company switchboard and vice versa.

-Do not offer contracts to consumers: after the signing of the contract, the original of the contract was not provided promptly to consumers. For some cases, after the signing of the months and upon request of the consumer, the company submitted new contract. Failure to provide contract and deficiencies in the way providing information of the staff makes the consumers do not have access to the terms of his loan dish adjustment, so very easy to make fine errors during the monthly repayments.

-No clear notice of the purpose of collecting information: in the process of collecting information to make the loan, consumers were not informed that the phone numbers of relatives that will be used in the process of debt collection (if any) arising later. They only announce the collection of phone numbers of relatives for the purposes of verifying the loan, however, actual debt collection staff regularly and continuously contacting relatives to accompany threatened and harassed in order to recover the debt.

-Harassed, threatened to revoke the debt: in all cases currently being reviewed competition administration, resolved, all consumers and all relatives of consumers regularly and constantly being the phone calls, the message contact debt collection purposes. The phone calls and messages continually attached content threatened with possible lack of respect for the listener. Even so, many calls and messages made at late night and the frequency of contact on the bottom 10/day.

Through the above behavior, competition Management Bureau warned the field of consumer credit are potential risk of infringing the rights of consumers. The infringement was done very skillfully, usually hitting on the main characteristics of the type of consumer credit is a simple procedure and disbursement time fast.

Protect yourself

Under the guidance of the Management Bureau of competition, before the use of consumer credit services, users should refer to the forms of credit at the Bank. If there's no other choice reference new forms of consumer credit in the financial institutions. Users should consult, consult your relatives, friends or refer to the information on the Internet in order to view the reviews of the Community consumers about the service, the reputation of the company offering the service. Before you put pen signed a contract, the user should read carefully or ask the staff to clarify the content of the contract, in particular note the terms about the interest rate, term and method of repayment, the calculation of the fines.

Note and caution when providing your personal information and of others to the service providers. In the course of performing the contract, consumers should keep all related documents, bills, including: contracts, the documentation provided by the company, payment of invoices and other relevant documents to make evidence of his activities. If there are problems or questions arise, it should proactively contact directly under the phone number provided on the company's contract. The case has reflected, but the problem has not yet been clarified or resolved, should reflect to the third party (the society for protecting the rights of consumers, the Department of industry and Commerce Administration Bureau on or compete) for advice, timely support.

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