Nine South Estates where select the face sent gold

Not only possesses the advantage of location, convenient transportation connections, the added value of the project Nine South Estates also be insured by reputed owner, namely, asset management Corporation and the leading real estate development in Vietnam, with a diversified portfolio worth up to 1.5 billion dollars. Establish credibility over time. Possesses strong financial resources, plus the experience of a home property management, real estate development (REAL ESTATE) and profound knowledge of international market of Vietnam (VinaCapital has developed many advanced REAL ESTATE under the VinaLiving brand the country as Azura apartment in Da Nang The sea villas, Ocean Villas-in Danang Beach Resort, urban America – Nha Trang Dai Phuoc villas, Lotus-Dong Nai), VinaCapital always brings the level of experience and variety to customers. This standard will be continuing to develop luxury villas waterfront area 12, 9ha - Nine South Estates will officially launch the 1st quarter the year 2016.

Nine South Estates where select the face sent gold
Top senior project in the South of the city. Nine South Estates roads adjacent to Nguyen Huu tho, transportation arteries in the Saigon South urban area, direct connection to Hiep Phuoc Port urban-County Central HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM and radiate away the Western provinces, South East through the Avenue Nguyen Van Linh, HO CHI MINH highway. HCMC-Long Thanh-Dau. This is the project's REAL ESTATE investment in HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM reviews will make their mark in the South of the city in the year 2016 due to the dual benefits of ownership, just brings added value for investors, has created an ideal environment for those who have a need to go on to have a modern style, but close to nature.

Is one of the few self-contained residential project in HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM is built according to the model compound (closed barrier wall systems, security 24/7, full integration of the utility Cabinet living quarters), Nine South Estates including 381 Villa attached to the land, of which 355 Garden City villas and waterfront villa with 26. To meet the needs of many customers, the owner has cleverly selected architectural design styles vary from 3 to 5 bedroom villas in Nine South Estates. Accordingly, classical architecture, classic luxury, the old will fit with the client, and villas designed in minimalist style, modern choice
of the younger residents.

Vinacapital is actively in progress with more than 500 workers working day and night to prepare for the upcoming official launch ceremony of the Nine South Estates. Currently, 4 villas with 3 different architectural styles and 6 villas (perfect) according to the current state when the deliveries to customers are in the stage of completion and ready to welcome visitors at the end of the month 1/2016. More than that, the overall civil utility in the area of sample villas 2ha banks pool such as, gym, outdoor play area for kids, BBQ area, internal roads, drainage, lighting ... was complete and is expected to go into operation in the first quarter, 2016. In addition, to create a landscape for the whole project, green tree types are also the owner of the nursery area right in the project. As revealed from the owner, each internal roads in Nine South Estates will be planted to a different tree, all make up the varied flora where future nest of the residents.

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