Nine South Estates of the Saigon South District real estate

From the second half of the year 2015, a variety of lever information has stirred the market property (REAL ESTATE) area south of Hcmc. Specific as "project established special economic zones Tp.HCM" (7th District, NHA be district, Need Now, Binh Chanh) or investment plan to build intersections at the intersection of Nguyen Van Linh-Nguyen Huu tho to underground tunnel system , the flyover has a total investment of nearly 2,600 billion, expanding shafts Nguyen Huu tho-arterial route, connecting the city center with Hiep Phuoc Port town. Furthermore, the city had advocated construction of two other important works connected with District 7 District 4 is Nguyen Kuai (from intersections ton that Thuyet Nguyen-Kuai , District 4, blue channel) and the Remaining 2 Channel Bridge project (connected via Le Van Luong District 4, District 7).

A corner of the Saigon South area. In addition, according to the plan, high speed line, Ben Luc, Long Thanh, Tp.HCM-, Long An, Dong Nai province with other provinces (in own Tp.HCM will go through Binh Chanh district, Home and Friends in need of Hour) are expected to complete quarter of 2018. This facilitation in terms of domestic traffic relations of Nam-Ho Chi Minh City. The leverage of public infrastructure with the recovery of the REAL ESTATE market has an impact on the investment strategy of the REAL ESTATE business. Accordingly, a series of projects launched to catch the top of the demand for housing and the buyer's investment. Song, if looked at holistically, the supply of housing in the region is mainly focused on segment of apartments.

Statistics of the market research company shows that, throughout the years from 2014 to the end of the third quarter, 2015 South area, always in the top of the supply of apartments in HCMC. While housing products tied to the land and the self-contained villas, which are favored by customers again very limited new supply , the principal transaction took place on the secondary market, in small projects. See about the housing market, Saigon South area, said Marc Townsend, General Manager of CBRE Vietnam for that: "When the quality of life improving, customers tend to choose the housing project attached to the ground or higher level than is the prime location Villa, designed according to the model of compound wall fenced closed system with security 24/24 at the same time fully enclosed area interior amenities. These standards will help keep REAL ESTATE values over time and always ensure liquidity. Song, at present, Tp.HCM projects built in the model of compound was "counting on the fingers", just as the South including villas at The Chateau, Phu (Phu My hung new town) and Riverside villas Nine South estates ".

The same opinion on, said Matthew Koziora, Director of sales and marketing of REAL ESTATE Fund VinaCapital, the unit has developed many projects in the model compound in Central and Tp.HCM said: "With this particular types, the value of the property will increase over time. Besides, with the advantage of a range of Add-ons and the landscape in the area only served to residents, the rental potential is huge. Currently, VinaCapital are project Nine South Estates at Saigon South area, to provide a true compound and design style but moderate price level for customers who want to own achievement, living space and separate security ".

Share more information about this new project, says Matthew Koziora said the Nine South Estates owns the perspective direction of the river stretching over 400 meters, more than 13,000 m2 waterfront park along the Lake to 2,000 m2 and more than 6, 000 m 2 of internal area Green Park. This is superior without any project in Tp.HCM now also get. Take advantage of that, 381-style villa is contemporary French architecture in Nine South layout investor Estates "come up on" the river water and the green carpet to the entire population can feel the green living space right in the heart of bustling town like Ho Chi Minh City.

Perspective image location project Nine South. In terms of connectivity, the Nine South Estates located near the axis of Nguyen Huu tho (in Phuoc, Controller) and next to the Phu My hung new urban advised residents with easy access to amenities on health, education, Commerce, right by the Phu My hung urban area is less than 6 minutes to move as : SC Vivo City, Crescent Mall, French-Vietnamese Hospital (FV), British international school systems, Australia, America, Canada, Taiwan, South Korea ... and so many choices of rich cuisine from the restaurant. With adjoining administrative center of District 7 and modern urban area, home to many foreign professionals living and working should the Nine villas South Estates, when completed, is considered REAL ESTATE-rental products from nearby apartment buildings.

Perspective of the project Nine South. Senior Villa area project Nine South estates include the Garden City villas and 355 26 Riverside villas. Full scale projects up to 12.9 ha but building density only 29.76%, the attractions of the project. House model and the utility has completed more than 70% ready to launch formally in the quarter of 2016 with 4 sample homes, landscapes, children's play area, swimming pool, area community ... Does the project owner is preparing to open up some position of phase 1 (1 c 1 d &) for customer care possible. To get detailed information about the prices of the same attractive incentives, customers may contact the hotline.

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