MU key buy Bale, Real Blast Hazard

MU key reviews and salaries to buy Gareth Bale. Real Madrid ready to explode bombs tons the waste pickup, Hazard Eden Meunier of PSG. MU charm Bale by the salary crisis. The sources said from Madrid, Real Madrid and Bale wants to sit at the negotiating table about the future after the end of the two-weekly Spanish Super Cup match, kicking 13 16/8. This came from the MU has just launched the proposal was viewed as the last with the Real Madrid star and the individual people of Wales.

MU, Bale, Gareth Bale, Real Madrid, Hazard. MU pay crisis to entice Bale. Accordingly, MU like to buy Bale with 100 million pounds (about 110 million euros). Bale is the requirement that the EMPLOYEE Jose Mourinho wants the Red Devils officials have to make. About the personal section, MU upgrade recommendations on salary for Bale to 550,000 table each week. If the modified rules out the euro salary, each year of the Bale is 30 million euro, on par with Messi and Neymar today, far surpassing teammate Cristiano Ronaldo. MU's proposal really intrigued with both Real and Bale. However, the Madrid team waiting to buy a new striker then ready to Bale to MU.

Real Madrid broke the blockbuster Hazard. Real Madrid are preparing to make Blockbuster affair Eden Hazard, goals that President Perez and COACH Zidane pursued for so long. Recently, Don Balon and Daily Star took bronze, Real has a specific plan, just wait for the final release talks with Chelsea to complete Belgian star affair. MU, Bale, Gareth Bale, Real Madrid, Hazard. The star value of Hazard was confirmed in the Chelsea shirt. Join Stamford Bridge from 2012, Hazard has 57 goals and performances do tingle fans.

Charges that the Real intent of this 26 year old player is 100 million euros. This figure is lower than in Monaco requires Mbappe in 180 million euro bid. Real also prepared plans to make the premiere Hazard at the Bernabeu. Promises are not under 40,000 spectators will view this event to help Real to have significant revenue. Real waste purchase PSG. OK Diario reported, Real Madrid is in talks with PSG to resolve the future of Defender Thomas Meunier.

MU, Bale, Gareth Bale, Real Madrid, Hazard. Meunier PSG defected to Real. PSG has just retrieved Dani Alves on a free, giving Meunier was forced to become a reserve player. Thus, Belgian players are want to Real Madrid. To Real, Meunier will rock for Dani Carvajal. Even so, he still accepted to Madrid, with the opportunity to more competition, and have much hope of winning glory. Real proposal for 15 million euros, while PSG want to collect about 20 million euros. Last year, the Club of Paris to buy Belgian player with 7 million euros. In the case of joining Real, beyond the foundation stones for Carvajal, players 25 years old also hoping winger left, reducing the load for Marcelo.

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