Liverpool: Coutinho and beginning to an end

Melwood on a first year, Coutinho Parotid ngoác laugh during the ceremony to sign the new contract with Liverpool, with the presence of Mr. Juergen Klopp master ... Brazilian midfielder committed future with the reds until the year 2022, in return for 150,000 salary table/downloads, high for the team. Coutinho said in the jubilant: "this contract proves that I'm happy here. I extend to sticking with the Club a few years from now. It is a great honor. Right on first coming to Anfield, I was dang arms salute, from the members of the CLB to the fans ".

Coutinho did not forget to praise his master: "Juergen Klopp is an outstanding COACH. He was born to win ", and for Liverpool the winged words:" I am grateful for this team because everything. We felt like at home, is part of this city ". Just half a year later, Coutinho turn, a slap, the pain for those who have spread arms. Just before the English opening 2017/18 shelf, Brazilian midfielder sent to CHRISTOPHER DESRIAC Liverpool message want for Barcelona via e-mail.

The near past, Liverpool always mentally prepared for the special moment of separation, the morning star, as ever with Fernando Torres or Luis Suarez. Coutinho's representative also confirmed the Brazilian midfielder on the way leaving Anfield to come to the Nou Camp. The e-mail was sent directly from Coutinho to the mailboxes of Sports Director Michael Edwards in the afternoon. However, CHRISTOPHER DESRIAC, Liverpool have never let go down easily. This team seemed willing allies at the beginning of any star would like to dig escape Anfield. Gerrard spent the day the true nightmare when talking to join Chelsea. Suarez was forbidden to exercise because of the energy required to anonymously to Arsenal. The result, Gerrard abandoned the Red Brigades with attached to the end of the career climax left Suarez in back add a further season, contributing 31 mix set up in England and moved to ... Barca, by freeing the contract.

Back to service, The Kop Coutinho quickly put out the announcement rejected demands from the midfielder and stressed there would be no disturbance at all. Fenway Sports Group, owners of the team at the port city also flatly rejected two proposed in turn worth 72 million and 90 million pounds from the Barca, and resolutely not eject Coutinho for the Catalan giants in this assignment. Despite this, everything is going according to the deteriorating trend. Earlier this week, all the conversations from the training centre were admitted Coutinho wants for Barca if both teams reach agreement on the transfer fee. But Brazilian midfielder will not cause pressure on the English team were indebted. It all just stops at the desired level.

But, everything gets thrown out the window when Liverpool announced on the home page that Coutinho will stay at Anfield this season. The dream joined Barca of Coutinho as the drifts got away, forced him to hold by more drastic moves, is an e-mail asking to be out as mentioned above. Information from the relatives of Brazilian midfielder also said he disappointed with the decision of CHRISTOPHER DESRIAC, Liverpool and the relationship with COACH Klopp, the worsening.

Barca's attractiveness for the South American star was always great. Moreover, Coutinho has lived in the city of Barcelona in time for Espanyol and always want to be reunited with close friend Luis Suarez. However, if Coutinho really interested in Liverpool, as the speeches earlier this year, you need to first look back at last year's things on the perspective of the team that helped his career take off in Europe. Now is mid-August. Liverpool could hand back up to find a replacement if this midfielder Coutinho gone? Despite 100 million is highly profitable accounts versus the amount of 8.5 million pounds Liverpool ever recruited Coutinho over 4 years ago. The departure of players age 25 is the blow to the strength and ambition of the Renaissance of the Red Brigades after the progress in the first year under Klopp.

The fact is if Barca longing want Coutinho, they will not wait until this time to ask to buy a haste after the departure of Neymar, and the Catalan team recommended amount must be much higher than the figure of 72 million, while in the bag they are 200 million pounds recorded from PSG. Keep a player wants to leave is a gamble. Does anyone know whether Coutinho has exploded after being arrested at the back as Suarez 4 years ago or not. However, with the World Cup will take place in the summer of 1534, Coutinho should be playing regularly week if want to have a stone in the Brazilian national team.

Barca could have leaked this midfielder ears: "now or never", to press on with Liverpool. But with the Catalan team personnel present, certainly next year they'll be back knocking The Kop. So, the past happenings can only begin for an end of red shirt Coutinho. End he probably will only come in the summer of next year. The important thing at the moment is Brazilian midfielder himself. Coutinho as soon accept the situation, double side as beneficial.

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