Launch specialized loan search page does not need proof of income

New page gives users a search engine trust loans do not require collateral or proof of income or from professional financial companies in Vietnam, with simple procedures and disbursement time quickly. This solution aims to support the primary audience is those who do not yet have a bank account, currently account for about 70% of the population of Vietnam. On the occasion of launching this page, Mr. Tran Nhat Khanh, Vietnam Managing Director, said: "trust Loans do not require collateral or proof of income are financial loans form fit the needs of most users in Vietnam.

Launch specialized loan search page does not need proof of income
Especially those who have yet to open a bank account or pay via bank account-which met with many difficulties when approaching the traditional financial products do not prove the income. Through the introduction of specialized credit loan mortgage search page for this user group from the professional financial company, we aim to provide a solution for users looking for fast, convenient and objectivity so that they can independently select appropriate loan".

GoBear is an integrated site search and Asia's first specialized on the insurance and financial products. Actually, GoBear is also one of the pioneer web site gives users in Vietnam search engines trust loans free, unbiased and personalized, allowing users to find the most suitable mortgage credit loans with its own needs quickly and easily. Since officially operating in Vietnam in early December in 2016 to date, with three products is to compare credit cards, Credit Loans and insurance, GoBear Vietnam has attracted more than 500,000 weekly comparisons in gobear page and become service providers find and compare financial products are used in Vietnam. Specializing in trust loans search page does not need to prove income released lies in product diversification strategy, as well as to bring users more convenience.

I. Compare travel insurance

-International travel insurance? International travel insurance, or travel insurance, travel insurance abroad, helps you explore the world without having to worry too much to the risks incurred, such as personal accident, medical assistance abroad, support when loss of the baggage or belongings support, when the trip cancellation/delay, emergency medical and scrolling. Find out the best benefits package as well as the things to know about travel insurance before your trip or of the whole family. You can compare travel insurance international in GoBear and will see the selection of them will be easy!

-You get international travel insurance when where? Whether you travel or work abroad, travel insurance packages can include many different locations depending on the ability of the insurance company. The company that sells travel insurance can offer many different packages depending on your destination. However, some companies may not provide travel insurance for customers to have warned unrest or war or disease.

-Should I buy travel insurance? International travel insurance is insurance that helps you prevent risks while traveling or working abroad. This support service in case your luggage is moved to Japan while supposed to follow you to Korea, or in case you lose your passport or other travel documents during the trip. Objects can travel insurance from children aged 1 month to adults aged 75. The company that sells travel insurance taken out many different insurance packages for the flight with many benefits and incentives. Some companies also have a special insurance package for customers, from entrepreneurs to carry the baggage or have high value for families who want to enjoy the tranquility of the holiday.

-What incentives you get when buying travel insurance? When you want to open a credit card, the Bank will consider factors such as your age, salary, current employment information and credit history. Usually the Bank will request the customer at least age 18 and have a steady income every month, usually 5 million or higher in some banks. With the regular business travel or tourism, a travel insurance plan under contract for integers in will help get the insurance on each trip. The case of those who love adventure, high intensity sports or activities that risk as jump bungee bridge, sailing, explore the wilderness, may request the special travel insurance packages have the content on. The personal travel or work carrying the luggage is expensive or important papers can also buy coverage for this depending on the policies of the selected insurance companies. Study abroad students can also have specialist travel insurance packages for students, including many terms of support for different emergencies.

-Is the type of travel insurance? There are currently quite a lot of this type of travel insurance that serves different needs of each of the subjects covered, here are the common type: contract by year (this option very suitable for people who travel frequently or work, as will the insurance risks arise in every trip in the next 12 months from the date of purchase). According to the contract (this is a common travel insurance package for your protection, before the risks incurred in a single trip. This trip can last up to approximately 180 days). Group or family contract (this type of insurance is designed specifically for people who often travel in groups or with the whole family. A contract as a group or family will save more than buying for each person, and the people in the group are getting full benefits).

-What benefits you get when buying travel insurance? Before deciding to buy travel insurance, you need to learn thoroughly about the benefits received from the insurance company. Read the full list of benefits before going never is superfluous, because you cannot know in advance what might arise in where to. Some insurance packages offer great benefits with very high coverage limits, while the other package of insurance risks in the intense sports activity. The following are some common benefits that most insurance companies offer: benefit pay hospital charges and emergency medical treatment. This benefit covers almost all medical costs incurred during your trip. Most insurance companies do not pay in advance, so you have to pay this fee, then send a payment request with the company with the relevant confirmation voucher.

Hot support phone numbers worldwide. You can contact the phone number of the insurance company at any time needed. In addition, you can also request an emergency move (being in the venue arising disease, war or other instability factors), or even support request advice about where to stay or tourist information needed. The risks during travel. Issues such as lost luggage, delayed flights, or flight misconnection, are covered by most insurance companies. With the diversity of the travel insurance benefits package on the Vietnam market, it wasn't easy to find out which package suits your needs, whether they are as simple as that. Do you want to know a travel insurance package which suits her best? Compare travel insurance at GoBear and learn the pros cons of each insurance package offered by the insurance company in Vietnam.

II. Comparison of credit card insurance

-Credit card in Vietnam. A credit card is a great financial tool allows you can consume without having to carry cash. Released by almost all the banks in Vietnam, allowing credit card transactions secure and convenient in many shops, dining Center, and both made the payment transaction on the Internet through the shopping site. In Vietnam, more and more commercial and entertainment venues are encouraged to pay by credit card by attractive incentive programs. Just a light very convenient, credit card allows you to "advance" money from the Bank to shop or pay bills. Of course, you have to pay off this debt, but the amount is not immediately but in the payment of monthly statements. To easily identify the information, benefits, privileges or conditions related to almost all credit cards in Vietnam, General GoBear and make a list of each type of card details, including the amount of the refund or accrue miles for flying with your spending information. Credit cards-credit cards in Vietnam. Banks in Vietnam to release so many credit cards, depending on the different needs of customers, such as income, the amount of planned spending, the residence. To classify credit card, may be based on the preferences of the sort that tag as follows:

-The credit card area of bonus points: this card allows you to accumulate bonus points when spending with credit card. Bonus points that can be used to change the voucher shopping, dining or gift depending on the individual program and time preference.

-Refund credit card: this card returned to you an amount calculated according to the percentage of spending on the card. Depending on the category of spending (shopping, travel, entertainment, etc.), you can be refunded up to 5% of the money spent by card.

-Credit cards accrue miles: this kind of card to donate you the miles fly when spending. You can change the flight ticket at some airlines such as Vietnam Airlines. When comparing the types of this card, you should pay attention to the exchange rate conversion fee of bonus points, bonus points and you have to ask the Bank to change its rules or not.

Credit card-features and benefits

-Minimize the risk of cash: where to go, too, whether inside or outside, we all feel stalked by robbers, especially when so many people bring in cash or valuable property. Or more simply, you are quite thinking and have the habit to forget money everywhere, no control and then lost oan. So, to minimize risk using cash, credit cards are "mobile money" matches you can trust, because your money is protected by the banking system.

-Fast, convenient payment: sometimes, paying with cash will make you feel quite stressful with the numbers and especially, have the items you want to buy but have not enough money, the credit card is a reasonable solution. Takashimaya is the discount? Vincom is promotion? Lotte is incentive? ... But you're not having enough cash to pay, you can use credit cards to receive preference in time when shopping.
When you pay, the staff will use the POS machines to receive the card, you light the card and then pick up the Bill. You signed on to confirm and complete the procedure. Additionally, with a credit card, you can buy online from web sites like Lazada, Tiki ... Moreover, there are many programs, when you pay online will enjoy more discount or incentive.

-Gifts and incentives: If using ATM cards, debit cards to stores, you will not receive any incentives with a credit card, on each bill pay, you almost have to be gifts or incentives. Depending on which bank you get refunds, flight or gift.

-Implement financial plan: using a credit card to spend, you can know exactly the money I was drifting about where and for what things. At the end of each month, the Bank will automatically send the statistics table to you via email or by post. From the spending Panel, you can adjust your expenses back view should be clipped account would add to the account.

Credit card-card opening conditions: When you want to open a credit card, the Bank will consider factors such as your age, salary, current employment information and credit history. Usually the Bank will request the customer at least age 18 and have a steady income every month, usually 5 million or higher in some banks. An information note is required of income can vary depending on you paid as an employee or order of business, and a credit card number is not published for foreigners living or working in Vietnam. And of course the indispensable is valid as identity card/passport and household/KT3.

Credit card-fees and fees: You will pay attention to the types of fees and charges when it became the owner of the credit card, in which the release fee, annual fee, fee paying, cash advance fees and fees depending on the issuing bank. In addition, using a credit card means you'll be borrowing money before a certain time in, usually 40 to 55 days without paying interest. Thus, if the number of days specified by the Bank which you still have not paid the amount owed the Bank, you will be charged interest on the remaining debt amount. Whether you paid 0% or 99%, then still have to bear the interest rate is usually 15-30% per year, subject to the provisions of each of the Bank on the amount of money you have to spend with your credit card.

Credit card-issuing banks: In Vietnam, you can choose from many types of credit cards issued by different banks, joint stock commercial bank such as Vietcombank, BIDV, ACB until foreign banks such as Citibank, HSBC, Standard Chartered. If you want to own a credit card, the Bank can help you satisfied as a partner of the credit card system such as MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, JCB or Union Pay.

III. Compare loan insurance trust

-Trust Loans in Vietnam. When falling into financially difficult circumstances (or when you need a sum of money to capture a big chance in life), then the trust loan is an affordable solution for almost all your cash needs. But the number of individual credit loans accept not big, but banks and credit organizations in Vietnam still serves this legitimate loan needs of customers. The majority of the loans has forms and different conditions, and can now be approached online by just clicking a few times. Finding and comparing the terms and details of the loan can also be made via the network, with the financial comparison tools like GoBear, accompanied the tools calculate your loans each bank separately.

-Trust loan forms: In Vietnam, personal consumer loans are viewed as a loan in the form of easy to approach, because usually do not need mortgages, meaning you need not need collateral. However, some loans require mortgage, particularly when the borrowers have low credit history but need to borrow money. With mortgages, the borrower can pledge your bank account or other valuable assets, in case of losing the ability to repay.

-The situation becomes necessary when the trust loan products such as: loans to buy cars, buy houses and business loans has specific characteristics depend from behind from "borrowing". Credit loans accept individual differences sometimes brings more benefits to you. The cash came from loans that can be used for vacation, emergency medical treatment, upgrade, repair, or to pay for other loans or credit card debt to pay. Only with a loan, you can settle for small retail loans earlier.

-Information and benefits of trust: loan Is one form of fast cash loans of banks and credit institutions, credit loan mortgage is the way to get fast cash. Borrowers can also take advantage of other benefits through the following useful information: the terms flexible payment allows you to pay more than accounts payable when due, as well as allowing to change loan terms, thereby helping you repay more quickly. Revolving line of credit works like an overdraft, is a financial service that allows you to withdraw an amount of cash when needed, in return you have to pay a fee commitment.

-Whether you have qualified loan trust? You can trust loans in Vietnam if Vietnam, citizens in the age range from 20 to 60. Some institutions allow foreigners in certain countries can trust loans. Individuals want to borrow must provide proof of identity and residence, such as ID card and household. In addition, workplace certification and proof of income is also necessary, in order to determine the maximum loan amount. Some banks also require their loan customers to provide home telephone number or the telephone number of the company.

-Interest rates and other fees when borrowers trust: When preparing credit loan mortgage, you need understanding about the interest rate of the product package. The majority of banks in Vietnam launched the annual lending rate is 8% to 70%. This interest rate varies depending on the amount you want to borrow and the repayment period. In addition to trust, loan interest also related fees that you need to note this fee includes fees. the disbursements (to apply every time you receive the loan amount), the cost of repayment before maturity or repayment fees, and fees overdue changes to loan terms.

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