Large incentive tour summer for kids and family group

Hello summer in 2017, the company Pacific Travel is always at the forefront of the organization deploying the current summer travel programs. With a range of discount tour program, and product donation programs are launched constantly, then the customer will be the luckiest person, if contact with Nguyen Thanh Tam, to register holding deposit foreign tours, or tours in the country today. So, please contact hotline number or the phone number of your personal Center Pacific, to tour the beam current summer. Please call or chat Messenger or Facebook with Viber or Zalo Nguyen Thanh TAM, to be specific support for now.

Large incentive tour summer for kids and family group

Hi 2017 summer, Pacific Ltd Travel programme "vibrant Summer-multiply the fun" with many attractive incentives for student-teachers, family-Group your friends and customers to apply early, from today until the end of the day 31/07/2017. Summer Travel-Super Summer promotion replicated Lively fun 2017-Travel Company Travel Pacific Travel. With the following specific incentive policy:

Buy tour as early-Rising greater
Travel more-Price as agricultural
Dedicated incentives for good students, teachers
Summer gifts for children.

1. Buy the tour as early-Rising. This is a promotion that Travel Pacific Travel for early registration when buying foreign tour. Accordingly, all registered customers will soon be discounted company directly from VND 100,000 to 10 million. Register as far the departure date, the discount rate will get larger. In addition to the price savings, registered customers can soon choose comfortable tour, departure date, the schedule as desired, to avoid fire situation in the peak tourist season tickets. At the same time, you also have more time to prepare the application, Visa procedures to achieve results ease Visa as you like.

2. Travel more-Price as shallow. Besides the discount policy when early registration, the company Pacific Travel also taking practical incentives for groups of families, groups of friends as summer tourism. Specifically, the groups from 5 people upwards will be the company special discount for each Member upon registration to the Asian tour and was awarded the European/Australian Visa 1 coupon for free when you sign up to tour Europe-Australia-United States of America. Group as possible, getting larger and preferential rates as savings.

3. Dedicated incentives for good students, teachers. Summer is a wonderful time of teachers and pupils when the school's roof, remote is a break, relax. So Travel Pacific Travel spend special discount, up to 500,000 VND dedicated to teachers and pupils (from 11 years) in the summer of this year. Hopefully with this incentive, the teachers and the pupils will have summer vacation fun and rewarding.

4. Interest free travel and summer gifts for children. Besides, the company also dedicated 1000 gifts such as helmets, rucksacks, bags, wearing raincoats ... for all the kids when summer tourism. In addition, infants under 2 years of age is also 100% free tickets company tour when traveling Europe-Australia-America family. In particular, all the above promotion policy were carried. So you can get extreme incentive level when registering for summer tour in travel Pacific Travel LTD. Hopefully with this practical incentives will bring to you and your family comfortable summer trip and save for. Further reference beam tour summer 2017 the good prices from HCMC. Limited Liability Company Pacific Travel.

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