Footprints Kong: Skull Island to the Lagoon Nebula Long in Halong

Super product Kong: Skull Island has left many impressed about widescreen film enthusiasts in Vietnam. And this can not not mention, when film Kong: Skull Island set in in Vietnam, which the area has is the No. 1 names should for this film. Vietnam country beautiful, we, as if you never discover all the tourism landscape, you will truly regret now that you, myself went very much the center of Pacific long journey, to be Down Long.

Footprints Kong: Skull Island to the Lagoon Nebula Long in Halong
Each charm with the impressive footage of "Kong Skull Island" - Super widescreen Island stir products in the world, what are you waiting without footprints "Kong" now and always? The reason hot cause how fans tingle up the road here will aid you. Discover a Long strange Van Dam. Overwhelmed the Lagoon Nebula Long mysteries on the big screen with the mountain deep under the afternoon sun, you will surprised categories splendid scenes than a bumper parts. Footprints Kong: Skull Island to the Lagoon Nebula Long in Halong.

According to Kong, the footprint of the audience not only relentlessly before the wild nature but also be flashbacks scenes spectacular battles between Kong and giant monsters. You will immerse in fanciful surroundings of favorite movie when silent watch flying storks nest between the marine paintings of beautiful dress with ravines, endless swathes of tall grass and clear waters. Between the four mountainous surface, sometimes flocks of white Storks appear, flying off a bicycle about not silence.

See the Halong from floatplanes. First time visitors will experience the world heritage with luxurious seaplane service and class. See the Bay from on high, you collect completely in the magical blue stone Islands shimmering on the water, granite, fabulous and extravagant than thousand times beautiful scenery ever to appear in the film. Moments seaplane take off-landing on the surface of the water, the rocks rise above the sparkling water, you'll constantly surprise and astonish thinks I'm raging along tung Kong Sky Ha Long myth.

Resort service level. The beam follows Kong tour brings visitors the resort services, class worthy. In Ninh Binh, resort Emeralda 4 stars with the tender beauty of the northern village of old will help you to have a comfortable rest. If ever desire to complete the full brief kiss on HA Long Bay with views unique 3600 the Vinpearl Resort Ha Long 5 stars is impossible. About Vinh Phuc, Vinh Phuc is FLC resort dubbed "green vacation paradise"-the ideal stopover for all visitors.

Many new experiences. TAM DAO is not only immersed between the unimpeachable coincides with white cloud cool atmosphere, but also the Prince of the peace to all Buddhists find about. Thien Vien Truc Lam Tay-one of the three largest Vietnam Institute of meditation is where soul subsides after the hustle, the wish family peace. If you love Hanoi, will not overlook the old city by night tour by cyclo. Cruise slowly weave each corner of the ancient city of thousands of years the sword Lake, the monument to LY Thai to street, Friends, the box Officer Attorney General ... is minutes seconds "slow living" to feel whole a capital of thousands of years of civilization's real meaning. Hanoi also for you flower Valley Outdoor awning width Western thousand-where formal agreement traveller "virtual life" with the shimmering between shots of thousands of flowers.

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