Experience and travel guide to Cambodia and cheap

Cambodia borders geographical boundaries of Vietnam so this is the place that a lot of young Vietnam love and want to be a times gone there to explore this small country with a low cost. So that today will share some experience and travel guide to Cambodia, cheap self-sufficiency from A to Z so that you have a fun ride, the most attractive. The experience of Cambodia travel guide and self-sufficient, cheap. Direct contact Nguyen Thanh Tam hotline number 0911.46.33.89 to know the specifics. Experience and travel guide to Cambodia and cheap. Xem them du lich campuchia tu tuc

The experience of Cambodia travel guide and self-sufficient, cheap 2017. Cambodia travel experience package there are various ways to travel from Vietnam to Cambodia. You can move by plane, car, or personal transport such as cars. With the city as far as Hanoi, Da Nang, then you should move to Cambodia by air. There are many flight has direct flights to Phnom Penh International Airport by Cambodia. Round-trip fares vary: from 7tr to 12tr.

Phnom Penh International Airport. Also if you are in Ho Chi Minh City then you can move by coach, bus. Many of the passenger cars. The car maker such as Mai Linh, Sapaco, Kumho, Mekong Express, ... are all return routes from Saigon to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and vice versa. One-way fares to Phnom Penh is around 200 k-300 k-400 k is round-trip, 600 k. One-way fares to Siem Reap is 400 k-500 k, 800 k-900 k's return. The. The Office of the car maker is mainly in the way you can Edit out the line to put the car.

I. migration experience within the territory of Cambodia

The Guide moved inland to Cambodia for details. If you want to move to different cities of Cambodia, you can move by bus and car. You can buy tickets in the question of cars in Vietnam in Phnom Penh. Also if you want to go in the inner city, you can go by bicycle, tuk car rental prices here are also relatively cheap at about 120 k/day. A street corner in Cambodia. Transport in Cambodia is also relatively more like Vietnam so you will probably not see these difficulties when traveling in Cambodia.

Hotels, motels, cheap quality, convenient location in Cambodia. The Cambodian tourism has a very wide selection of guesthouses, good hotels for you to choose from. However, the Hotel and the Guest House is a popular choice of people who travel in Cambodia. According to Cambodian tourism experiences self-sufficient, then you should choose cheap Guest House to save costs. Guide a number of cheap hotels, facilities, advantages in Cambodia.

-Room rates from Angkor Guesthouse: Mithona 8-11 $. Convenient location, near to the famous tourist destination. There is a massage service, entertainment, clubs, cafes, provides comfort for visitors.

-Room rate $7-11: Guesthouse Homeland. Located in convenient location has easy access to the attractions, entertainment and attractions in Phnom Penh. There is also the other services such as bicycle rental, conference rooms, family rooms. Modern facilities for guests ' comfort.

-Sundance Riverside Guest House: room rates $13-17. Convenient location can reach the beautiful venue of Phnom Penh. Full facilities are adding an airport shuttle service, bar, restaurant, bike rental, ... will bring a great accommodation for your trip.

II. A number of luxury hotels, luxury courtesy are also great choices for you

-NagaWorld Hotel 69 rooms Price & Entertainment Complex:-$121. 5-star superior hotel is about 30 minutes. Top service, live music along with an amusement park, casino and the lively bars and attractive.

-SUN MOON & Urban Hotel: room 61-$131. Located convenient to be able to easily move to other tourist attractions in the city. The high-end hotel services with services such as: fitness, sauna, indoor pool, spa, hot tubs, ... to the hotels SUN MOON & Urban Hotel you can have fun and relax in a comfortable way.

III. The location of playing nice, attractive in Cambodia

Cambodia is the cradle of Khmer culture so that here there are many places of spiritual and cultural values. Dust travel experience Cambodia offers some beautiful tourist destination, attractions for visitors to consult when coming to this beautiful country.

-Temple of Angkor: Cambodia travel guide for details then this is where you can't miss it's the Angkor tourist area. Do a famous architecture, a tourist attraction with the ancient Angkor Wat temple and the stone face, the giant fairy looks the same, the Bayon and the mystery of the temple.

-Tonle Sap: experience life of the Cambodian people in Southeast Asia's largest lake sea. Visitors will witness the rich life of the Cambodian people. The most amazing is the change of the Lake in the year from March 5 -11 is the dry season the Lake almost drought but in the rainy season, the Tonle Sap is full of life with the abundance of creatures.

-Siem Reap: a guide to visiting the beautiful scenery there is 1 No 2 in Cambodia with the city of Siem Reap. Is the gateway to the charm of Cambodia. Siem Reap increasingly attracts many tourists because of the city's bustling

-Banteay Srei: for stockings lovers Temple then this would be a great venue for their discovery. You will be living in fairy stories and full of mystery. Cambodia travel experience from A to Z then here is nice, famous places that you should visit.

-Kratie: If you love dolphins, then according to the Handbook, the Cambodia travel guide for details this is the place that you should visit. This is a small town located along the banks of the Mekong, tranquil beauty with ancient temples. This is the ideal tourist destination for you.

-The silver Pagoda: the Cambodian tourism experience self-sufficient, cheap then you should visit the silver pagoda – one of the locations considered national treasures of Cambodia with a Buddha statue made of jade, 1 silver Buddha. Located within the complex of the Royal Palace of Phnom Penh this temple is Cambodia's most valuable.

IV. The delicious dishes to try when coming to Cambodia

-Duck egg: listen to the name, the very familiar and you think it has nothing to enjoy. But according to Cambodian tourist guide the cleaner from A to Z, you should enjoy it once to see the difference compared to the duck egg in Vietnam. Aromatic flavor, greasy, dai of Cambodia can duck eggs will be addictive for you!

-The dishes from insects: as if not try then you will feel fear but when you try once and you will never forget the taste of them. Here's the dish you should try when to Cambodia to see the uniqueness of all people. There are many types of insects in this dish such as crickets, ants, worms, scorpions, spiders, ... they are the chefs to food processing fragrance, attractive

-Chaa Kdăm (crab chips): characteristic dishes for Cambodia's waters. Made with very simple but did collapse how customers including the most demanding ones. Crab fried with green pepper non spicy of pepper with the sweetness of crab will make the dish more appealing than ever. Do you enjoy this dish in many places but only in Cambodia new cuisine has its characteristic flavor.

-The fish amok: delicious food, specialties of Cambodia. It is made from sugar, coconut water, sauce, Los blurted prohok and usually wrapped in banana leaves and add to it a lot of different spices. If you have yet to enjoy this dish, the Cambodian trip yet.

Also lots of famous cuisine of Cambodia that as if you went to Cambodia, the Cambodian travel details, fully recommend taking time to enjoy such as: bai sach chrouk Red Curry, Khmer, Khmer, lap ...

V. cheap shopping experiences in Cambodia

When shopping in Cambodia you need to pay attention to some problems later. Money in Cambodia riel is however the dollar was also widely used here so you do not lose the money you can go use the dollar. You should also bring lots of cash because here often do not use credit cards. When shopping you should pay the price of the product down half or 1/3 products. You always make sure your money is still torn, ragged, avoiding new nhầu, old because here they don't receive money already torn, ragged nhầu. With the silver ware, precious stones then you should just to watch. If planning to buy then you should buy in Phnom Penh because many here and cheaper goods.

VI. Some cheap shopping places in Cambodia

New market: address to buy the pattern Embroidered silk products of the Cambodian people. This market also sells a lot of precious stones such as Ruby, Sapphires,.. Toto Recycle Shop Japan and Sakura Recycle Shop: Two famous shopping address in Phnom Penh and in particular with the visitors go to the dust. Selling a second hand for you spoilt for choice. In addition to Sakura's store also Recycle Shop is also the large second hand shop that tourists frequent the shop is open from 8 h-21 h.

The old market: Here you can find a myriad of souvenir gifts, fashion items, until the item new, high-end phones. You can buy a lot of gifts or souvenirs to fashion here. Cheap shopping store in Cambodia. What about buying as a gift when travel Cambodia? The tourists to Cambodia often buy the delicious wine, Silk cloths or the trumpet stars and some other type such as rice, dried fish and some fruits typical of Cambodia such as banana, coconut, durian, Rambutan, ...

Cambodia's tourism will help you understand more about the small countries but is the cradle of Khmer culture. Article writing experience and travel guide to Cambodia 2017 self-sufficient, cheap from A to Z guides detail how to eat, sleep, stay in Cambodia to help Cambodia trip you have attractive, interesting.

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