EVN HANOI ensure power supply safety rain storm season

Kinhtedothi-according to data of the General electricity company (EVN HANOI), power consumption in July of HO CHI MINH CITY reached 1,580 million kWh, an increase of 3.45% compared to same period in 2016. Estimated 7, reaching 9,120.37 million kWh, up 5.63 percent over the same period. To the end of July, EVN HANOI has also kicked 13 110kV works and complete the electrical closing 15 works with increased capacity 710MVA and 64.9 km wire. To the end of July, the whole Of the company put into operation the central grid works 195 HA, with the volume of materials and equipment put into operation about 331km line; 182km cables; 570 transformers with capacity of 272, 1MVA; 600km low voltage main lines.

EVN HANOI ensure power supply safety rain storm season

EVN workers HANOI promptly fix problems immediately after rain storms. In July also has more rainstorms occurred. Due to the impact of Typhoon-Talas, on Ho Chi Minh City happens to rain on days 17, 18 have caused problems on the grid to interrupt electricity supply in some areas, mostly in the suburban districts. However, due to the initiative in online applications, troubleshooting, should the service the problem was quickly fixed, soon powered back to customer service.

The Corporation continues to perform customer care through SMS. To date, the total number of registered customers receive SMS is 1,675,012 customers. Continue to operate the active message service queries to lookup information about electricity and deploying more status lookup service power supply through the messaging form queries from customers using the beginning of 8088. 32 electrical service deployment, gradually step by step towards online help accessible, easy to join the service and updates the progress of service ...

EVN NPC soon overcome the problem of electricity after Hurricane number 2

Kinhtedothi-update of Northern Power Corporation (NPC EVN) about remedial situation by storm number two shows, to the morning of 19/7, 110kV lines in the province were affected by the storm was operated and ensure normal power transmission. Thanh Hoa area: overcome complete breakdown of the entire Middle pressure line route, providing power back for more than 130,000 customers. However, still affected Township 10/630, Thanh Hoa electricity company are working hard to fix. In An area: restored to operate the central pressure line route 81, 3419 distribution transformer to provide power back to about 800,000 customers.

Does the power company An still are attempts to correct the problem, clean the broken trees and power lines, damaged columns to soon return power supply to customers affected by storm number 2 in the shortest time. Ha Tinh region: now fix the complete breakdown of the entire the Middle voltage line route, provides power to the entire town. Important locations such as private: PPC, television stations, pumping stations, flood target hospitals, the base water supply ... in each locality were the power company fix anytime soon and the power supply back on.

EVN regress out at financial company shares electricity

EVN will auctioned publicly 37.5 million stake in EVN Finance, denomination 10,000 Dong/shares in the Hanoi securities trading center (HNX) with a starting price of 14,133/shares. Vietnam electricity (EVN) has announced the auction of shares by EVN owned finance company electric power (EVNFinance). EVNFinance currently has capital of 2,500 billion, as the company has the largest capital among the financial companies that are active. EVN will auctioned publicly 37.5 million stake in EVN Finance, at the Hanoi stock exchange (HNX) with a starting price of 14,133/shares on 18/8/2017.

Specifically, the EVN will auctioned publicly 37.5 million stake in EVN Finance, denomination 10,000 Dong/shares in the Hanoi securities trading center (HNX) with a starting price of 14,133/shares. Time registration procedures, receive deposits from now to 11/8/2017, filed at the latest auction attendees vote on 16/8/2017. Duration of the auction of shares in EVNFinance will take place on 18/8/2017. According to the scheme of the overall arrangement, business restructuring in the electricity Vietnam (EVN) period 2017-2020, EVN will have to regress the entire equity in enterprises including Power Finance Corporation; Craft electric company in Germany; Eastern power equipment Corporation-company shares; Positive wind power Corporation; Consulting company to build power 3; Consulting company to build electric 4.

According to the financial report of financial company shares electricity (EVN Finance) you 1/2017 shows, the total assets of the company more than 19,000 billion but total liabilities amounted to more than 16,000, accounting for more than 80%. These are worrying signs about the possibility of losing financial balance of EVN Finance. Reportedly, EVN Finance we have the capital structure: Vietnam electricity Corporation owns 15.0%; Joint stock commercial bank owned Peace 8.4%; Refrigeration electrical engineering joint stock company that owns 1.8%; The other shareholder owned 74.8%. In 2016, the EVN has ever put out 15% capital flight plan at EVN Finance but failed.

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