EVN ensure regulatory process related safety standard reservoir

In July, EVN, in coordination with the Steering Committee on disaster prevention, the Ministry of AGRICULTURE to operate the PPNT & Hydro in the North, rigorous work close/open the flood gates. In particular, the flood discharge doors of the son La hydropower, peace, Tuyen Quang was close/open under the authority of the Steering Committee on disaster prevention (PCTT), ensuring the safety of the works and the lower. Besides, the remedial effects of the storm number 2 and number 4 was implemented actively in order to recover as quickly as possible the power supply back to the client in Nam Dinh, Ninh Bình, Thanh Hóa, Nghệ An, Hà Tĩnh, Quảng Bình, Quảng Trị.

Oversee the coordination EVN close/open the flood gates, contribute to disaster prevention. Also in July, the output of electricity transmission from Northern to Central, southern estimated to reach 15 billion kWh. Highest transmission capacity on line 500 kV North-Central is 2,300 MW and Central-South is 4,300 MW. The hydro water of equivalent or better average value for many years. About production, output power the past month reached 17.7 billion kWh, average 569.6 million kWh/day. Estimated 7, system-wide output reached 112.6 billion kWh, an increase of 7.3% compared with the same period a year ago.

About the work of business and customer service, in the first 6 months of the year, the total level of new electric power company for 5,604 customers. The time resolution of the average electricity on 4.85, shorter than 2 days compared with the Group's rules. About construction, EVN has just put on the generator, national power grid 2 aggregates with a total capacity of 675 MW, including the dream Falls hydro expansion (75 MW) and aggregates for thermal power 2 4 (600 MW). Accumulatively in 7 months, the group operating the generator, add 7 aggregates with total capacity is 1,235 MW.

In addition, EVN also launched 16 grid works; finish plays and put into operation 30 works from 110 kV power grid up to 500 kV. In which of these important works such as substation 220 kV Switzerland, expand Thai substation 110 kV Upper 110 kV transformer station, Five ... About the power supply of the rural, mountainous, island, EVN and the southern power company completed surveying the current state of the electrical system on 33 points, the island in the Spratly Islands DK1 truss. On 18/7, the Vietnam electricity Corporation and the Ministry of the Navy held a ceremony to hand over the receiver, clean energy systems and lighting on the Islands.

In August, the EVN set rigorous regulatory process contact the reservoir optimal exploitation, the amount of water on the Lake, priority exploitable hydro power higher, the water of the well. The Group also prepared plans to ensure safe, stable operation of power system during several waves of gas cut. EVN is expected to run test aggregates 1 Pacific power; urgently improve works to conduct testing hand over the hydropower projects in Central Falls and Dreams open wide. Besides, further speeding up the improvement and upgrading of environmental systems at thermal power plants are operated. The group will also continue to improve the critical power grid works.

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