Crying laughing start-up story of young people with long term loans

Starting a business is never easy story. More than 80% of start-ups in Vietnam do not exist too 1 year, only 3% of start-up success. Let's listen to the story of the early days of starting to understand their difficulties. Anti-gai from the idea of starting a business. Looking for a reliable companion. Capital-the most important question of all viable projects. The ending.

Crying laughing start-up story of young people with long term loans

1. Rough from the idea of starting a business

There is a point in those starting a business is when the starters who are also excitedly however warm her own sometimes become dangerous Blade Knife 2. Nam Phuong Le graduated from the University of foreign trade, the good kind of Hanoi but you put your parents and your friends not from surprise when declaring the salary several thousand dollars in a foreign corporation to ... sell junk food. To date, during the 10 years of start-up and ongoing work and career, there have been at least 4 times failed. Share with us, said: "the story of my first failure stemmed from a lack of resolute. At that time, my plan is delivered junk food business where for Office, barely reaching the market for some time, found more beverages market. Immediately, I redirected to milk tea business. Because doing so fast that omitted the study seriously the customer should taste my plan quickly failed ". Just step into the market, you will be very easy to fall into this mountain stand looks mount. However, you should know that every success needs time and steadfast. Let's focus on the stitch select the product thoroughly, then the serious development, branding, advertising and sales. You must persist the new durability forward touching success.

2. search for a reliable companion

The stories often praised career too much to personal issues. But you may not yet know that alone Steve Jobs can't be successful career if lacking technical genius Steve Wozniak and thinking of marketing Mike Markkula. Find his career is a difficult journey and the most strenuous. When you have not yet proven to be successful, a rare potential who are willing to follow you or difficult will easily cause the friend quickly withdrew. The case of Ali Naderi, a graduate of Bachelor in Japan is a typical example. With translation experience from when a student plus four years of working in foreign companies, confident along 2 friends founded a professional translation company for South Korean-Japanese investment trends. the investment centre very articles but only allows the lay was then inactive for several months. The main reason is because none of the shareholders can leave to go full-time for the Center. Ghost draw the experience: "later, when the decision to invest, I always wonder who will decide to do this full time, living dead for this project. You need someone to roll into work can seriously hope you smile with new success ".

3. Capital-the most important question of all viable projects

At present, the Vietnam market the call which is extremely rough due to domestic investors mainly small retail in nature. Minh Khoi-a start-up technology quite successfully shared. Initially, convincing the professional investor funding when you have not got the featured area is extremely difficult. As the business of Recovery went into the cul-de-sac, until he came to the Bank loan-scheme as old but yet ever efficient. For this problem, including business loan package of BIDV. As Vietnam's leading bank in terms of lending products, this program of BIDV is designed tailored to those who have need of business loans. Join the credit package, customers can choose different loan packages are flexible, preferential interest rates from just 6.9% per year for loans under 6, and from 7.2 percent per year for loans from 6 months to 11 months, help clients proactively balancing the financial resources and business plans.

4. The ending

After many attempts, Minh Khoi downs has built for himself an effective business and rest. Private Ali Naderi, but returned to Office work, but the experience from the start has helped her a lot in the work. Starting a business is not a young person's game that the battle I work out my personal domains and create more hope for the development of Vietnam.

Promote innovative start-up

The number of enterprises, the innovative start-up projects (startup) in our country increased over time. However, according to the experts, it should have specific policies to promote the startup community is strong and growing stronger rebound. Specific policies are needed to develop strong startup community. Source: Internet. Many of the policy barriers. Representative of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and industry (VCCI) said, in 2016, there are about 1,500 active startup, in which the information technology sector make. According to Tech site in Asia based in Singapore, dedicated to bringing news of the start-up community in Asia, compared with the population, this rate is higher than both in Indonesia with 2,100 startup, with 2,300 Chinese and India with 7,500.

Also understandable because Vietnam is the only country in the world in developing countries of the Group of internet users grew by more than half of the population (over 60 million people). In addition, according to the Director of the master's program in business administration senior Vietnam University of Hawaii (VEMBA) Bui Xuan Tung, Vietnam was rated as strong in the indicators of the output of innovation including products of knowledge and technology; innovative products. Vietnam rising 12 ranks, ranking from the location 59/128 in 2016 2017 year 47/127 position up about innovation. However, the number of start-up businesses from information technology success is still quite low compared with expectations. One of the causes is the lack of human resources and weak. TS. Pham Van Hai, Polytechnic University, said that human resources played an important role in the city, failed business.

Currently, human resources information technology industry so lacking. Personnel training in universities while the East but the amount "used to be" accounted for only 15%. In addition, start-up businesses operate longer discrete, unified mechanism yet have in connecting with each other, not to create positive effects for start-up activities. In particular, there are many barriers of policy, administrative procedures and difficulties in access to capital. Vietnam does not yet have policies about start-up support, many similar policies such as support for small and medium enterprises have more limited access, administrative procedures.

The need for tax incentives

Resolution 35/NQ-CP on 16/5/2016 of the Government on supporting business development and set goals to the year 2020 opens many opportunities for innovative start-up enterprises, lack of orientation, but did share practical experience from business startup success domestically and internationally. In particular, the start-up business is experiencing a lot of capital and human resources. Managing Director of management consultancy company, President Group creative beginnings of private economic forum (VPSF) Zhang Ming Jiang said, currently the creative career field does not yet have a legal corridor to promote development, especially for investors for start-up companies. Meanwhile, investments in this field very large risks, so need soon issued a decree about creation start-up investment fund.

Chairman cum General Director of Moca Tran Thanh Nam adds innovative start-up businesses, could not issue because the law yet. Therefore, to get the capital forcing businesses to "spleen". To attract capital, there are 90% probability is getting foreign capital, only 10% of the capital is from Vietnam. But when receiving foreign investment, must seek the opinion the State Bank, the Ministry of planning and investment, Ministry of industry and trade. Therefore, he said that the South should meet a contractual mechanism, the procedure to be able to get the conversion loans, convertible bonds for business startup. In addition, attracting labor resources to the client startup very difficult due to the concept of people Vietnam is still "cautious" and the like on the State payroll.

So, he suggested Men in addition to the business tax incentives, the State needs to have a policy of personal income tax for employees working for business startup. Encourage the spirit of startup should have support for more specific instructions, such as putting out the idea or support capital projects, mentor to the young companion made, experimented. However, there are also suggestions that the Government, not necessarily capital funding for start-up businesses. The role of Government is to create a legal corridor to regulate and promote the relationship in the start-up ecosystem. The regulation must encourage competition, innovation, created the Foundation to ensure fairness, as well as equal business sense for all businesses, startup.

This is the basis to be able to compete based on the idea, the quality of goods and services. Also funding should only be the work of investors, who have expertise reviews startup. On human resources training, TS. Pham Van Hai, said that the need to change the way the training at the University. Instead of training in the traditional way, forcing the students to sit in a chair the school semester 4, the information technology students can sit two years in College, while the remaining two years of sitting to work in the business. Training according to this trend would be the coordination of the business.

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