Combined insurance investment, why not?

The desire to accumulate from the present life to all happily in the future is always the practical needs of so many families. To comprehend that, Nam A Bank has partnered with FWD aims to offer the comprehensive insurance solution for families. These products have been studied and carefully selected to maximize benefits, helping you and your family peace of mind enjoy life right from today. Investing in education for children from small. Understand the importance of investing in education for the child from the baby, A Bank has partnered with FWD gives customers a new educational products reaching as far as The FWD a practical gift for your child, help your baby always firmly in the future.

With this product, besides periodic cash benefits every two years by 2% of the sum insured, an education fund worth up to 150% of the sum insured in the same interest accumulated during the term of the contract will be the solid financing for the study and career path ahead of you. Besides, the products reach The FWD also brings many additional benefits as rewards to encourage academic excellence and protect the rights of the baby followed: make sure your child is continuing to participate in a new insurance contract in the future without the need for a health assessment.
Both his home the same happy health

Not only for the educational investment that the healthcare to relatives is also no small concern of the modern family. From there, the product needs Both fun home health FWD was designed with large insurance fund's mission for the whole family, ready to travel with you to cover the cost of treatment when there are any members would unfortunately suffer from illness. This is the first time on the market, a unique insurance products can protect your entire family, including the child will born in the future before the illness at age 80 to 80 with just 10-15 in closing costs.

When joining the fun, all FWD family you will receive a valuable Insurance Fund up to 250% of the sum insured. In case family members are healthy or not used up the insurance fund, you can withdraw a portion of the value of insurance fund in 65 years and receive full value rest of insurance funds plus accumulated interest rate when the contract ends in 80 years. Have to say, this is the preeminent insurance solutions and breakthroughs, protects your family comprehensive only in a product.

Combined insurance investment, why not?

In addition to health protection benefits, many customers also demand through lucrative insurance products. That is the reason that A Bank South of the same FWD brings Versatile 3 in 1 product-a utility solutions, combining insurance and investment. With the premium low, you don't what is protected, ensure financing for the whole family but also are entitled to interest from the investment benefits. Account value insurance contract will be entitled to a monthly interest rate according to the investment results of the product, make sure not to lower the level of 5% in the first 5 years. In addition, you can also charge, increasing flexibility on investments under the financial ability of each stage, as well as reduce the amount of insurance.

When young, we are always ready to explore and embrace every journey. When mature, the family is a top priority in every person. Understand the aspirations of the client and with the only desire is to increase the benefits as well as bring the best value to each customer, A South Bank is committed to helping you and your family peace of mind to enjoy a full life and was always confident before every journey in the future through the premium insurance products of FWD.

Besides the distribution of life insurance products, FWD, South A Bank also brings financial solutions-optimum credit contributes to building the future and happy life for customers such as Home Security package Business, real estate loan products, borrower serves the purpose of home repairs car loan, consumer credit loans, mortgage, savings, save the exit flexible ... for more detailed information, contact the Customer Service Center South A Bank or visit the website.

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