China borrowed interest, mortgage by hot photos

The Independent newspaper reported, the creditors of usury in the internet in China has forced the female students must include nudity, threats will post pics if not paid on time. Sheets of the Southern Metropolis Daily in Guangzhou on the case of the character (which is false) Lili. Lili borrowed 500 yuan from an online creditors with interest every week is 30 cents. Illustrations. Photo: Reuters. But, Lili is far more new debt loan to pay old debts on time. Ultimately, the total amount of debt of Lili ' team ' up to 55,000 yuan.

China borrowed interest, mortgage by hot photos
Creditors asked her to send nude photos to ' pledge ', then new lending next new debt. Lili was expected to report the incident to the police about the incident. She knew I was not the only case in this scene. The Beijing Youth daily newspaper wrote of a different case as Lin Xiao, a student from Jiangsu Province. Hui, Lin, a loan is 120,000 yuan to do capital for small business. She has approved sending his nude pictures to creditors. Four months after that, the interest rate the interest rate, the mother tongue of her debt to team up into 250,000 yuan. Lin asked the family to help pay debts, for fear of creditors posted photo ' hot '.

However, Lin still fear one day old creditor will post photos, though they have received money to pay. To collect evidence of the loan creditors interest mortgage claims nudity, a journalist has to as prospect, penetrate into the online Exchange Group of creditors on the internet. According to this journalist, creditors often require the personal information of those who lent money, including phone number, identification card number, home address, name of the parents. Creditors threatened to disclose this information if the debt is not due. The story of nude loans on the internet has made the social networking community China coil with thousands of comments from the public. Many people have criticised this form of lending money, and called the authorities.

The loans do not require collateral

Each Governor State Bank, currently holds the chairmanship of the Association of small and medium enterprises in Vietnam, He was sharing the cum Sy High sense of the big issues of the NH impact the economy. As he cum, keep the purchasing power of the currency, control of success and contribute to the fight against inflation and macroeconomic stability; Focus to resolve pressing issues associated with long term issues such as the structure, streamline the banking system, stabilize the market of gold, real estate, securities, persistence the principle market, interest rate, exchange rate, reserve requirement; Coordinate the policies and related subjects such as financial planning and investment, trade and investment, the region ...

As is the Governor of SBV, He reviews how the operating monetary policy and Bank activities in past time? I am convinced by the claims of directing and acting head of the banking industry on the management of the gold market, interest rates, exchange rates, restructuring and NPL disposal. Actually at first I also suspicion does not know the banking industry had done was not because of the problems that have existed for so long that have yet to be resolved. The first is that the banking industry vowed to restore discipline of the gold market in which no longer bad speculation, hoarding, no longer considered gold as a means of payment, the population of idle money is buying gold, the gold market is now stabilizing and it is important that the State has control.

The next statement will lower the interest rate, at times the interest rate for loans of up to more than 20%, then really extremely difficult for businesses. With operating and aim lower interest rates for businesses to access capital for almost 3 years interest rates have lowered a lot of hours also vary 7-9%. But perhaps the high rating enterprises with the rates at which SBV has before about the orientation adjustment of rates and always steadfast goal to enterprises active in the production business. With all the effort that the banking industry has contributed in curbing inflation, macro-economic stability, currency market stability, contribute to create the environment for enterprises to overcome difficulties and grow.

-In a dialogue with business, SBV Governor said that the Bank itself will also need good business for lenders, just proven business cash flow, do a post then the Bank still lending in the form of trust although no business collateral, so why still have businesses that are difficult to access funding?

The Governor has repeatedly for dialogue with the enterprises particularly small and medium enterprises, young entrepreneurs to listen to suggestions, recommendations and have resolve. At the same time, the banking industry has given many credit programs demonstrate innovation and creative thinking to help enterprises easily accessible funding typically SBV had directed the pilot deployment models trust under which good businesses don't have the collateral still get the loan. This formulation of the Governor expresses thinking issued the policy associated with the lives and problems of the small and medium business when approaching the credit capital is collateral. SME policy has shown the banking industry determined to create conditions for small and medium businesses approach capital.

In particular, Bank connection program – the business to help the banks and local businesses connected to defuse difficult for enterprises in obtaining access to capital. Or models according to chain link, with the application of high technology business, lending to State priority areas especially agriculture, aquatic products and credit lines to push capital into the manufacturing sector to ensure efficient use of capital, made to restructure the economy. The aspiration of the business shall never want easy loans with low interest rates. However, the Bank also is a business they must weigh, calculate thoroughly before lending to avoid bad debt situation. That's what enterprises need to share with the Bank and perform together.

-State Bank message given is the year 2015 to adjust rates of no more than 2%, but adjusted SBV 5/2015 off so you have room to believe that the SBV will uphold the commitment?

SBV has insisted does not adjust rates of more than 2% in 2015 is based on calculations, balancing the factors acting on rates, national interests and resources to make the commitment and persistence implementation, help businesses active in the production-sales-service. At the same time with what the SBV has committed and accomplished in this past time, I believe that the SBV will perform as such.

-If using the numbers are the numbers that he is impressed with the banking industry?

I am impressed with the projected plan credit growth in 2015 is 17%. That's a reasonable growth and is the figure to assert the banking industry efforts and responsibilities in promoting venture capital into the economy, thereby contributing to the economic recovery, macro stability and help many businesses back to the market. Rates are adjusted commitment SBV not more than 2% relative consistency in operating rates and aims to stabilize the macro economy, faith, hold the fruition of the country has achieved in the past 3 years. Interest rates maintained at 7-9%, also has suggested that this interest rate still high in comparison with international practices. However, this is also an interest expressed the determination of the banking industry in the reduction of the interest rate because the ground had time lending rate up to more than 20%. At the same time reducing the interest as well weigh against monetary policy objectives and flexibility in the implementation process. The determination and of the banking industry in the restructured Bank 9 weak and make take bad debt of 3% at the end of the year 2015 on principle not budget, minimum cost and ensure liquidity, safety systems and enhance public confidence in the financial system of the Bank. Boost outstanding credit, quickly reduced bad debt – responsibility of the banking industry in the current context.

-Also has the opinion that the present interest rates reduced the competition of the Vietnam business especially small and medium enterprises in comparison with foreign enterprises, He reviews how about this?

The competition of the business is the integration of a variety of factors such as capacity management, management, human resources, business strategy, product development, market ... and bank loan is only a factor because of the capital has many business loans banks accounted for a small proportion of which I suppose is not a critical factor. So says the current interest rates reduced the competition of enterprises is not yet full enough that if interest rates decrease more then create conditions more favorable for business then.

-Represent small and medium businesses, He has the desire to do with banking?

I look forward to the next time, the banking industry consider the elements and can reduce the interest rate by adding 1%; use flexibility in executive management helps businesses take advantage of opportunities, overcome difficulties during this recovery period. In particular, the banking industry has been and is, responsible for implementing restructuring and NPL disposal. I also expect this process to continue are strong deployment to the banking system healthy and support businesses because of bad debt related to the enterprises, the overall economy and macroeconomic stability. At the same time, I also look forward to innovative enterprises, strengthening governance, the power of internal resources to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in Vietnam.

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