Chau Doc is also participating in the SAMBA Christmas Mountain Festival

Annually, the center of the Pacific or the pilgrims, Chau doc travel to attend the Festival Lord of Sam mountain she chickened out. Here, called the very sacred, and what is yours, but not only the coming to this place to his turtle but without success, but it must also come to take back the photos relate, on the traditional ethnic festivals. In addition, there are many sightseeing ride scenic Love River in Chau Doc region. Went is to go to, that has to go for the real thing.

Chau Doc is also participating in the SAMBA Christmas Mountain Festival
Chau doc-Assembly Of God She chickened out Season. To date back up, after the lunar new year, thousands of visitors back to enslave Her mountain Of God Association trẩy tingle Sam. Not only to visit, sacrifice your loc bridge, luckily for the family that is also a breathtaking voyage du interesting, admire the beautiful Giang nature. On this occasion, the center of the Pacific Travel introduce to visitors the Hajj She Made God- Chau doc Sam Mountain, with ultra low preferential price. Chau doc welcome travelers by the Corps of pilgrims about the land sale of the paint, where the throne Her shrine is located at the foot of Sam, has long been the popular spiritual destinations.

In the beliefs of the Vietnamese people, Ms. Lord Made very revered. Legend of near 200 years ago, the statue was discovered by local residents and must need the 9 Virgin girl can move objects down from the Summit of the legendary Sam. When a pallet to the location of the temple she is today, the heavy statues, and could not move anymore. Thus, people have built a shrine with the notion of a protection for this land, wishing the rain the weather gauge, bumper crops. Don't know her hypothesis correct or not but people's belief in the God of Her is completely bogus.

Queen Of the Festival consists of two parts: the celebration and Festival. The part feasts are the main activities as bathing ceremony; visiting desk: Phone locating articles and Jade procession Most together two wife from Painted Tomb about shrines; Student Desk listed: sacrifice and conduct worship rites; construction of the Chaldeans: celebrations for the singing of the anthem at multiple shrines; the Chief ceremony; best salmon: bring desk and the Jade Voice unit post Most of the same two ladies back Painted Tomb. In these days, you'll immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere, along with the current recovery ritual procession the statue of her from the Sam mountain.

A convoy of people in costumes of the same flag traditional approach to reproduce scenes of near 200 year ago statues procession. Together the Festival, visitors will feel the reverence with which the people of this region for Mother Earth, who has the protection for villagers before how events, disaster. The section is the fun activities are organized in the framework of the Festival express the unique culture and spiritual life of the people, the States, the Khmer Rouge and health, as well as interference, the harmony of ethnic brothers across the land productive in An Giang.

Each year the Festival welcomes about 4 million pilgrims, mostly from traditional new year lasts to the end of April of the lunar calendar. The main Festival takes place from October 22 to 27/4 the lunar calendar every year. In 2015, the Festival Queen of mountains called vía Ministry of culture, sports and tourism recognized as intangible cultural heritage of the national level. In addition to Her shrine Lord Of the mountains Sam, Chau doc is also home to several monuments, the Xi'an old sightseeings such as self, Phone N. .. Besides that, every year, the tour is often a connection between the Festival made with Queen sightseeing cruise magical Paint Interior populations. Therefore, when coming to Chau doc, you don't just get immersed in the festive space with bold spiritual but also breathtaking marine paint du.

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