Broker crying because mortgage story visitor NET project

Why the project's mortgage are you selling for OneE? If you don't do this you will pull the company out of court. Also introduced is the prestigious companies that do eat what type?... " The story of the Royal South, broker in District 2, the client queries to pull over as above are not rare. Everything started from the near 80 information project in HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM Bank mortgage, many of the posted papers since the beginning of the week. According to Hoang Nam, sale apartment at counseling, as well as the information posted on the newspaper, both said the project was a commercial bank capital.

Broker crying because mortgage story visitor NET project
However, many do not envision that funding news is banking for the owner and the owner must mortgage projects. "Usually the only broker is aware of information about products, sales policies, also the legal majority to resort Manager explains to customers. Just past the second series of the old customer call asking why the project was sold but also mortgages. This is the situation that brokerage we never met should also please the customer appointment up to company Chief replied.

Psychologically very important for property transactions

Fortunately for 2 days, so many experts, the real estate Association of HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM has voiced, full information of project mortgage story is normal and made the rules, should also be psychological relief in part, no longer stress anymore. Now the customers ask us just send the link of the article involved, to read is understood immediately the problem "-male said. Representative 1 owner have the project on Nguyen Duy Trinh (District 2), said that the project was 100% sold out and is being built beyond the progress. But the last 2 days, continuous customer call brokers and customer care Department, for questioning what the project is in the list. Though tried to explain over the phone, send the article to the analysis of the expert for the customer to read, but still there are few threats to sue and demanded to meet company leaders to clarify the story.

"Not everyone is aware of the information should businesses named in the list of collateral, psychological influence is very difficult to control. When Hung Loc Phat mortgage information 10 apartments and 6 floors of commercial buildings Hung was announced, we also have information for broker is aware of, to explain to the clients. This is the unsold apartments and private owned area should we have the right mortgage. Other customers have accepted the jurisdiction of the paper from June 3/2016, should feel secure, not affected the rights "-Mr. Nguyen Van Binh, Deputy Director of Hung Loc company, share.

According to Mr. Tran Minh, General Director of the company of the House era, although the information about the mortgage experts, project managers analyze is normal and the rules but it still shocks, slowing the market. Some were down to money, but confusing information did they have to think again and take 2-3 weeks for them to decide. "The psychology is very important for the real estate transaction, though he projects so well but the psychology of the market affected, then the purchasing power will be reduced immediately. Further, this may affect the result of the transaction, referred to in the quarterly report, of the market research company. This is the impact chain, need to anticipate, whenever sensitive information is published "-Japanese reviews.

In Vietnam, he would do the project without a mortgage!

Business business, business, bank loans are common. Want to mortgage lenders of the project. Non-loans business banking system to do? ... Mortgage talk trivial project undertook the unusual after 77 mortgage project was announced. The above is recorded from many business's share of the estate as well as the Bank of the impact from the publicity of mortgage projects. Dozens this year, from when the property market started to grow, the investor was based on borrowed funds from banks, besides there self and mobilize capital from clients.

Project investment loan mortgage is not United. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nhung, General Manager of the Bank, said the business Vietbank real estate mortgage of projects for many different purposes such as For loans for construction or to make the bank guarantee. However, the need to say more, the mortgage shall be done according to the law. The projects are the Mortgage Bank were legal due diligence as well as the capability owner. In this respect the project is the project to good rather than the bad.

"Under the provisions of article 56, business law, property owner wants to sell the House of formation in the future to have the bank guarantee. That want to guarantee bank collateral. The law does not oblige the investor to sell A project to project A mortgage that can be replaced with assets guarantee B. But the Bank wants to monitor cash flow from the project, then sell the project, project mortgage that's best. This is also good for customers because banks have replaced them in the right cash flow monitoring purposes. Thus, almost any project in order to arrive at guarantee certificate to customer must mortgage loan no matter whether or not "-he Velvet said.

The case is quite useful, when mortgage story hy was announced happened to project The Art, because the company invested Harvest. Mr. Le, Chairman of the company, said, the company has the resources to build the project without a bank loan. The project's mortgage is right, but because of inadequate disclosure led many customers. "Company use only collateral is land use and property rights formed in the future in The Art project to secure the obligation to release the letter of guarantee according to the provisions of the law on real estate business. As of 25/7, the outstanding loans to the project for The Art of Peace at the bank guarantee is 0 "-Mr. Strong said.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Dao, General Director of VietHome investment company, said that with the provisions on the guarantee sale of home form in the present future, mortgage the project almost naturally. Real estate company would like loans, not at this time, not this project to other projects. "It is important the structure of loans on the property more or less capacity and credibility to the company. Non-loans where the money that thousands of national project development? Of course, the business must have a history of good-paying loans, business reputation, the new loan is more and more bank lending, rather than jumping into such a bank would lend credibility to lack business 1 pile of money, and don't know what "debt recovery-analysis.

"The problem is not the client's project, the mortgage or not, which is important to the House they buy has been mortgaged or not. The project doesn't mean mortgage investors "have problems". Just look at the list of projects that will see the mortgage, the owner of the leading prestige today have to face. The Mortgage Bank project means customers will benefit by the Bank will monitor flow of money into the project. Try to ask, if the owner cannot mortgage, they collect the money then use the client on the other, the customers know a hoot? Wait out the arbitration law, the late "-Mr. Tran Van dung, Director of the real estate Markets, company analysis.

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