Bring home has sold the mortgage bank

The House and land were sold but investors remained indifferent to bring Bank mortgage makes the customer can't do paper and also risk being seen forever home to repay instead. Got Rubyland condo residents (Tan Phu district) are not within the jurisdiction of the House because the investor has given the project go to mortgage banking-photo: Dr. Long. Mrs. Nguyen Thi T. assignee a plot of land in residential project in Da quater 6, hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc district, HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM since 2005 and built houses on the land since then. Bring home has sold the mortgage bank.

Bring home has sold the mortgage bank
Over the past 10 years, Ms. t. several times to contact the owner to ask Housing Authority paper work but the owner giving more reasons to not do the procedure of granting jurisdiction to the buyer. , 10-2015, Ms. t. panic when TAND Tan Binh offers as people have rights and obligations related to the lawsuit of contract credit of a bank. To work with TAND Tan Binh, Mrs. t. more puzzled than knowing the project owner (Great investment joint stock company Hai-hereafter referred to as The company) provides the right to use the land as collateral to secure bank to another company debt.

Residents. When asked again, her neighbor t. knows not only the land of his home where about 40 other plots of land in the same project is also being the investor take the mortgage bank. To date, the Bank sued the owner to court, demanding the repayment of, or play promotion collateral. According to learn of reporters, public company of naval mortgages the Bank the right to use land in 40 projects on to other companies for a guaranteed loan of 52 billion in 2012. To date, the company did not pay the debt should the Bank initiated credit contracts litigation. TAND Tan Binh case, verify and be aware of the background of this land were 40 public company Hai sold to customers, including many who built a home in the stable, should invite people always participate in the case as a person with rights and obligations involved.

The same worries as the da River project people, 800 households in Thanh Phu condo (Tan Phu district) also pressing, sit stand for several years now because of this condo owner is being "plugged in" to the Bank to borrow money. The investor of the project-construction Corporation works 585 (585 companies) for delivery from 2011 year with promise will have sovereignty after six months but every Interior set appointment times. To 3-2015, when the deputies of HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM CITY to monitor the situation of the apartment, the representative office of the register of land use rights, Tan Phu dist disclosure this condo is suffering investor mortgage bank. In the year 2015, he Body-Strengthening Family ceo 585 company-said to 12-2015 will complete the paper for sovereignty.

Promise, but so far investors haven't yet filed a paper main apartment's sovereignty to authorities granting sovereignty apartments for guests. He said Powers pending bank restructuring should not promise when solved the debt. Similarly, The condo project in Rubyland (Tan Thoi Hoa Ward, Tan Phu Dist.) with 180 flats also being the owner (Queen's front company) Bank mortgage. Mr. Trần Bá Tuan signed a contract to buy the apartment 5th floor condo's Rubyland B plots are priced more than 1.3 billion in 2007 and got home in 2009. "At home, the owner promised to make paper flat in sovereignty as soon as possible but now has gone six years still don't have paper"-Mr. Tuan pressing. Also representative of the Hoang Thang Corporation said the company is arranging to pay the debt to the Bank, expected about March 3-2016 produce the paper original sovereignty of the project to complete the procedure of granting sovereignty for the apartments. Notably, this project was the front company, the Royal Bank mortgage for Winning in 5-2010, after the sale and delivery of the majority of the apartments in this project to the client.

Hard granting sovereignty. Before that, the Ruby Garden apartment in Tan Binh District (also by Hoang Company Wins do the owner) has ever been more creditors proposed levy to ensure enforcement of the decision, the judgment has the effect of forcing the owner to pay the debt. Mr. Phan Van Duc, a member of the Executive Branch to enforce the judgment Binh Tan, said the Bank agreed the paper of the Ruby Garden apartment to land registry office in HO CHI MINH CITY do the procedure granting sovereignty for the apartments. The paper finished level after the sovereignty will be transferred to the Agency for enforcement of the judgment holder, the owner of the apartments will close the next missing funds (about 5% of the value of apartments) for court enforcement agencies to name, get the paper. The proceeds of the client and the remaining assets of the investor in this project will be the judgment enforcement agencies arrange repayment according to the judgment.

However, with respect to the project, then everything's Rubyland not easily by the banks are getting the mortgage in this project have yet to agree the paper delivery of the project to the State agency working paper for the sovereignty of each apartment. Although the land registry office in HO CHI MINH CITY has asked the company to remove the mortgage to do the procedure granting sovereignty apartments for guests. In late 2014, Department of natural resources-environment in HO CHI MINH CITY. The PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE of HO CHI MINH HCM plan granting autonomy to residents buy homes, land in the project that mortgage investors are at the Bank.

Accordingly, the Office of register of land use TP (now the CITY's land registry office) would require banks receiving the mortgage the project put the paper General sovereignty to update changes, excluding the area of the House that the owner was selling. The remaining project area of the owner, the banks continue to collateral. At that point, comments that will be difficult to implement because of mortgage relations between the Bank and the investor, the State could not intervene by administrative measures.

Peter Van Farm (Union lawyer HO CHI MINH CITY):

Signs of a scam. Under current laws, the home ground of the project was sold to the people that carried away the mortgage to the Bank, the mortgage transaction is void, because the owner is no longer the power to mortgage the property sold. The Bank cannot say is don't know collateral sold to people because when valuating assets to get a mortgage, there are many cases of people already on in (as in the case of The condominium project in Rubyland, Tan Phu dist).

The case owner deliberately conceal the sale of land in the project for the people, the Bank can not know the project was sold to the inhabitants shall be considered as signs of "phishing" acts of appropriation of the Bank's money. In contrast, if the project has "plug" for the Bank which investor bring to sell next to people, in principle, the contract to sell the home for a population is disabled, of course in this case the investor signs of fraudulent "behaviour" of people.

Be careful with the "signature get debt"

For you Red Book loan to Bank and mortgage debt paper to help you, the person you lost the ability to pay should have to embrace debt instead. That is the situation of Mrs. Truong Thanh (Buon Ma Thuot CITY, Dak Lak). More than a month now, Women sit stand because she must enforce the judgment debt of more than 1.5 billion signed loans help you. She tells Women: "25-1-2013 Afternoon, while in HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM flight of Buon Ma Thuot CITY, she Male get married's phone Mr. Tran Duy Duc and Ms. Vu Thi Nga (Cu Jut, Dak Nong) Please lend a land use right certificates to mortgage loan money 1.5 billion "maturity" banking. She agreed Women should Ms. Mai Market America (Buon Ma Thuot) for the couple says Germany and she borrowed 1.5 billion amount to Russia, the two sides agreed interest rates.

Get debt ... help you. the same day, her American English 17 g give money to stock commercial bank for industry and trade to Dak Lak branch (VietinBank Dak Lak) filed on his account in Germany. About 18 g, Mrs England and Mr Germany to House Female (back) to get the "Red Book". Here, in addition to receiving a "Red Book" bearing the name of her husband is Mr. Le Quang Khải (land plots in Dong Nai), she also asks her Male writing paper to receive 1.5 billion amount of debt. The front sheet of this loan have content she borrowed her England Women, and married his German records back guarantee if her assets aren't enough mortgage Women 1.5 billion the amount the couple he would pay the rest. Everything was complicated when the couple said Mrs Russia not borrow 1.5 billion amount back from VietinBank Dak Lak.

Her husband and wife You find him Germany to reclaim the debt, he is having difficulty should apply for deferred but she don't you agree he is not German collection., Mrs. England turned to reclaim her money but she didn't pay her for that because Women only loans help. She claims her Brother to court Women. She said: "because Women want to get you money maturity, solve difficult business that I sign a paper debt but the deal made it clear in case of malfunctions do not pay the debt, she'll take You to my land plots, the couple says Germany will pay the balance. But two were TAND alone I pay his debts do not borrow, do not accept content "guarantee" of the couple said Germany ". Mr. Tran Duy Germany also says: "When the loan maturity in trouble, I have to ask my wife to her husband, but she deferred to America America I don't accept, turned to reclaim women's sister made us very guilty".

The Court only as evidence

On 4-4-2013, Buon Ma Thuot CITY TAND declared forced her and her husband Women Stick A checking account he Le Quang Khai must take the responsibility to pay You more money to her 1.5 billion VND (both principal and interest). The trial that her Female said she only newsletter help and loan money to a German bank at maturity he but she did not prove to be, whereas the paper signed by her debt should be responsible to pay the debt. She Male appeal. KSND Institute also has protested the cancellation of the first instance court for direction for that in a dehiscent couple's 22-8-2013 day he Mrs Russia has the content: "amount on (1.5 billion) British grandmother is brought to the Bank due to Dak Lak VietinBank for husband and wife, grandparents then back home she Male written paper debt".

Under protest, Buon Ma Thuot CITY Court did not collect evidence at the Bank to confront, clarify the loan money, time, location, relationship of the litigants, the commitment of the couple says in the paper for a loan ... but Women forced her to pay for her He is not unfounded. On 18-7-2014, Dak Lak Province TAND appellate declared forced her Female spouse must pay 1.5 billion amount for Mrs. The Board of review also said that she wrote the paper direct debt Women and trust a "Red Book" for her you should have to pay the debt.

On 27-8, Mrs. Le Thi Huong-Associate Chief Justice Court TAND Dak Lak Province, the judge presiding the trial of this case – said: "She is the person who directly write debt paper in his home, the news is not one of intimidation, forced to be responsible for payment of the debt borrowed. The trial still determine the money she borrowed Women filed into his account in Germany, but it is trading his own relations, Germany and her girls. She Male can sue him in Germany, Mrs. Russia demand payment of the money, did she have her loan America then you are charged. The Board of review hearing decision only based on the evidence.

About the couple he had German guarantee will pay the remaining amount if land plots she Male mortgages are not enough, the Board of review has asked Us but she refused the guarantee should the Court forced her Female spouses are responsible to pay the debt. She said more during the trial met many cases opened borrower help you Women like her. However the need to define the transaction a loan that the borrower voluntarily signed it must be responsible. The money was later given to anybody, do a different transaction and can only be solved by the case.

The Court acted correctly but not fair

Ta Quang Sulabha Attorney, Deputy Union lawyer Dak Lak Province, said: "the track record shows she had voluntarily loan transactions even though that money actually is transferred to his spouse Mrs Russia should the Court declare forced her Female pay is not wrong. However on a sheet of paper debt, the trial embraced her American debt but does not accept the guarantee of Mr. Germany towards the plaintiff does not accept is not really fair to her girls. In this case, Women could make her petition for cassation about the trial not yet seen objectively, thoroughly the issues around this debt paper ".

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