Bow hunting tract fanciful clouds East of the North country Vietnam

Past young Pacific Center then would love to go free along the phượt brothers do in the industry. And now, too, the bloody phượt self-sufficient is always there in person, and her all to go to with his beloved friends, to discover the world around her and how? You know, for the population of North-Eastern Vietnam Capital Phượt then four is home, and around me, so I really love traveling from then to now.

Bow hunting tract fanciful clouds North-Eastern Vietnam in the country. Every year, I will take a few months to go self-sufficient country in Vietnam, and from there I know Vietnam we did lots of things need to be explored further. The feeling of standing between cloudy bowl of orderly, touching the sea of clouds light do tênh, thinketh Bong for travellers like yourself thinks between nowhere Wonderland. So, don't miss the beautiful Northwest Eastern cloud hunt this summer.

01-Hunter clouds commune Y Ty-Lao Cai

Commune of Y Ty is in the West of the District of bat xat (Lao Cai), a capital of about 68km Northwest. This is "hunt clouds" North-eastern most famous with a population of phượt. The spectacle of a side of the road is the vast muốt white cloud sea, brilliant dresses of featured minorities in sunny afternoon to enough pleases anyone. If you want to hunt, you should come here from August to March the following year, the year before the period common to the sea of clouds.

02-Hunter clouds Fansipan-Lao Cai

This is a familiar name and is the dream destination of many Mexican tourism. The Summit is located at 3,143 m altitude is the perfect cloud point. You will see a cross wind scene before overwhelming waves of clouds on the mountain, between the vast inventory carrying and sky blue. However, the weather on Fansipan extraordinary transformation, can at the foot of rain, sunny again, Sun peaks up are suddenly amid the haze.

03-Hunter clouds Summit Ties Lead Nhù-Yen Bai

Was dubbed the "Ocean heaven", Peak District-Nhù Trio Stations Lead Ta (Yen Bai) climate is very harsh, but the back is ideal place to "hunt the clouds" with travel enthusiasts. You will be enjoying the Sun doused up cloud, shadow horses on the mountainside next to the sea, vast clouds in space and generosity captivates people.

04-Hunter clouds Mường Hooks-MOC Chau

Mường Hooks climate is almost identical to Sapa. TAM DAO, da LAT so much fog, cloud loads ever since. Mường Hooks according to Thai ancient Muong means also of smog, haze. Want to get beautiful clouds in Muong Hooks must first choose the high area looking down the Valley to the beautiful sunny day.

05-Hunter clouds Pì Code Lèng-Ha Giang

The road passes Lèng Pì Code has length of about 20 km connection between the city of Ha Giang with Dong van commune Cat Vac also la scores "Hunter clouds" East West summer cannot be ignored. Not enough to pass by would like to be here, you have to pass several high passes going astray as pass Ports, Rolling pass Female ... However, the results received after the journey beyond the pass is very worthy gift. From the top, you can feel the crisp scenes "foot pedal cloud bay, hair rack wind mountain", see the Palace pass looming in the sea of billowing clouds.

06-Hunter clouds Sìn Hồ district Lakes-Lai Chau

Depart from Lai Chau town under the highway 4 d, just reverse the slope that goes, tens of kilometres of the road just to see the slopes connecting ramps, the pass connects the pass. Sìn Hồ District Lake as a silk Strip winding across thousands of towering mountains and led to the phượt "Hunter clouds" East West indulged. Parties long tall cliffs endless sight, John Frost all over the entrance makes it feel like can easily grasp each ignored upon white cloud flying through the dunes. Intermingled among towering green of the jungle are the flowers of the forest are standing.

07-Hunter clouds Mường Nghe-Lống

From the town of Muong Cropping, you go backwards under the Western route An about 60 km to the "Sapa of Technology"-Muong Lống. Scenery surrounded by white clouds on the mountain, the Thinketh Bong wildflowers sprouting across the street name, not fused into the land of storybook heaven created poetic , dream space for the Alpine region. Besides the beauty of the Southern Lống, this land has international Ban Bites, top Pu Leng, Lai is considered Xai "roof" of the mighty range.

08-Hunter clouds Tam DAO-Vinh Phuc

Tam DAO range 80 km long, located in Vinh Phuc, Thai Nguyen province 3, Tuyen Quang. In which three peaks commonly seen and created the name Tam DAO Thien Thach, A is and Means. From the top of the mountain, you can see the Clouds obscured the city under the light of dawn. Tam DAO is the location of Sun Portal hunt nifty clouds, you can see the entire town of Tam DAO, fanciful in light fog and feel the peaceful atmosphere of this place.

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