Awarded project Committees eradicate drug production base

On this afternoon, 9/8, Director of public security of Hung Yen province has promptly praised, encouragement and reward of 20 million for district First Police Brigade because broke successfully drug convictions, arrests of honeysuckle, A Universe object in Space Meaning Township, Van Giang district of purchase behavior, illegal production of drugs in large quantities. Next time follow up specialized court struggle, economic ĐTTP police Team-First district drug Tourism in collaboration with the police on drug crime investigation police Hung Yen province has discovered and ordered to examine emergency shelter object's Vu Thi Kim Ngan , in the Sense, Van Giang.

AMERICAN forces have discovered large quantities of seized materials, finished products, products for the manufacture of drugs include: on 1,000 tablets of suspected ecstasy form synthetic drugs; 6 white Crystal bag suspected to be drug synthesis rock format; dried herb Pack 34 suspected American grass; about 20 kilograms of suspected powder blue substance is the precursor for the manufacture of drugs. An Giang: 3 caught selling illegal drugs. In An Giang, 3 objects: Phan Thi Us, stay in Chau Thanh district; Dang the King and Phan successfully, the same district New Market has just been investigating police Team on economics-drugs the new Fair District, An Giang Province caught are behaving "unauthorized purchases of drugs".

In the area of Phu Thuong Hamlet, 17 2, Kien An commune, Cho Moi district, the force functions in and caught the Union are exchanged, purchase and sale of drugs for the United Kingdom and The United States over the seizure, and each 1 piece straws are sealed 2 (kicking drugs that facilities). Continue to examine the subject's whereabouts Contact, force detection 1 cloth bag pouch 10 straws and ridiculous plastic containing 4 white inside (suspected to be drug kicking) and various related exhibits. According to initial reports, two United Kingdom audience and admitted drug of the purchase price of 300 thousand Dong 1 cloves.

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