Annabelle the haunted doll preparing Office attack

Released mid-season blockbuster but thrillers "Annabelle: Creation" (Annabelle: Devil creatures) still considered the No. 1 opponent of the movie producer in Hollywood and is expected to sweep the room tickets after the positive feedback from the experts. Annabelle: Creation discover source of scary dolls for all time. The story revolves around the family of Mrs Mullins, a doll maker who experienced the tragic loss of her only daughter. Too mourn the death of my son, they tried to summon her spirit home. This supernatural entity enter the doll Annabelle and from which many mysterious phenomena occurred.

Annabelle the haunted doll preparing Office attack

After the orphanages in the region were damaged, a nun of the same few orphan girls to please stay at home says Mullin. The curious to explore every corner of the House of new guests accidentally opened the door for many years Annabelle confinement. And the people who live in this House were to become the target of attack of the haunted doll. Is a horror movie but the movie of the universe was always Conjuring blockbuster line to confidence came out in summer. Annabelle: Creation, too. The film is currently getting 100% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and a score of 7.3/page 10 from IMDb page, a pretty high score.

As well as pretty much of a horror movie, Annabelle punk who viewed initially by the startled with the sudden appearance of a character, before officially to Annabelle. The interesting thing is that the film takes the Viewer to explore the House like a maze, where every corner can hide contains the presence of evil. With that, the different reaction of each child before the threat was also brought to the pleasant surprise for the audience. Have I just know shouted, there you find all about, have you not afraid to wield the ancient doll toss away.

However, the evil spirits not only reside in the Annabelle doll that can infiltrate every diff, and each at a stronger when it hurt. However, Annabelle can also cause viewers impatiently at the beginning of the film, with the amount of time preparing for the haunted doll lengthy action. But can that was knowingly directed to later get a chance to boom. The film premiered in theaters from 11.8.

James Wan, the world famous with the nickname "Prince of a horror movie". He is the father of the 3 grisly horror film series of all time including Saw, Insidious and The Conjuring. Before Annabelle: Creation, the universe The Conjuring had 3 sections, including The Conjuring (2013), Annabelle (2014) and The Conjuring: The Enfield Poltergeist (2016). James Wan is currently producing two more parts in this universe is The Nun Vortex on the character evil sisters in The Conjuring 2 expected to be launched in 2018 and The Crooked man, a scary characters also appear in The Conjuring 2. Among the works there are certain relationship, making a horrible space on the big screen.

With less than a 3-minute short film Lights Out in 2013, David f. Sandberg won the award for Best Director of a horror film contest. This talent quickly entered the "green eyes" by James Wan and be given the opportunity to develop short films that the film version of the same name. Lights Out (2016) is the film debut of David f. Sandberg was shown on the big screen, creating a horrors of Ma lights off and was voted one of the best horror film of the year 2016. Producer James Wan so trusting to David made Annabelle: Creation.

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