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18 + movies "evil creatures, Annabelle" revealed the first victim of the famous ghost doll. Annabelle the haunted doll girl handicapped in New Movie/Trailer of ghost doll Annabelle hot for the week, the ghost doll Annabelle ' born ' from the blind love of parents. Annabelle: Creation (Annabelle: creature the devil) by David f. Sandberg, Director James Wan. The work is the movie money series, tells of the beginning of the ghost doll Annabelle. Events in the film associated with the work of The Conjuring (2013), Annabelle (2014), The Conjuring 2 (2016) and The Nun (2018), created the "cinematic universe The Conjuring".

After the death of her daughter by accident, the couple themed dolls (Anthony LaPaglia and Miranda Otto) suffering paying. Them day and night in prayer and was satisfied to see the child when her soul to reside in a doll. However, this entity becomes increasingly dangerous and be sealed again. Many years later, a nun (Stephanie Sigman) along few orphaned baby girl are couples for staying in the House. They begin to experience horrors when ma dolls wake.

A gentle start to the movie, even after the death of her daughter's rhythm remains slow. After only a third of the head, a new story was accelerated, revolves around her handicapped Janice (Talitha Bateman) more and more exposure with dolls. Then, the script causes a lower role of adults as married couples, nuns that turned her Linda (Lulu Wilson)-a close friend of Janice-the main character, resolutely fighting off ghosts to protect handicapped friend.

The work surprise when non-familiar carnage biotype of the horror genre. Annabelle just kill few people, although the ghost doll excerpt killing cause horrified by ruthless hands exit and spooky picture. Instead of focusing on the murder scene, the movie mostly exploited the fear from the scene and the situation of punk. In the isolated House in the countryside, and attendance Director design creates more macabre context such as the Chamber of secrets, the warehouse or the dining room. When the story came to climax, maze-like House blowing the characters, while the seemingly normal objects suddenly become obsessed.

Context of the horror film. After Lights Out, horror film directed by David f. Sandberg continued to demonstrate the form with new works. As well as James Wan-British physician, Sandberg did not abuse photos Gore that exploit the fear from the emotional stress of being human. Director fascinating feeling thanks to the lighting, layout, sometimes in the background there are things abnormal motion is argue. This horror atmosphere is maintained throughout the film. Extreme fear come from moments when characters alone, sits alone in the dark with frightening silence-not even the background music, the best scene is Linda bird toy driven into dark areas. The audience feels the tension by not knowing what is about to jump out of the lottery.

In almost all throughout the movie, the ghost unmoved dolls, but things around constantly it controls. The jumpscare (insert a sound or picture creepy suddenly to cause fear) are installed plug scattered, not much but be flexible change rather than repeat the old game of Zhao. In it, the French player in a scene near the end of the film reminiscent of movie Lights Out with the lights turned off many times, casts straight into ghostly entities. A haunting scene in the film. About acting, the actress grew fainter are two girls-the soul of the film. Bateman expressed so enraged tear during the struggle against evil. Expressiveness of actress 16 years continuously, from innocent to anxiety, finally the ghost path makes the viewer shudder. Meanwhile, the character of Lulu Wilson was impressed by the determination to save you strongly although many times threatened.

However, monotonous scripts in three makes the audience dissapointed. After the presentation, the scenario addressed somewhat staggering. The character of the mother created the feeling of mystery makes the audience thinks is the key to the story, but in the end there is what role recounts the process of creating ghost doll-which had been introduced in the process of promoting the film. Compared with the two-part The Conjuring, war between faith and the devil in the new film still faint. Nuns too weak to Annabelle, also the Church's forces appear only briefly. In General, the lack of good character line exorcism to horizontal engagements more power.

The scenes of the American actress. Part of the plan to build the universe horror movies, new movies do not forget to install the plugin the links with other works. The end of the film about the bloody events of Annabelle (2014), and the final scene of the film crew introduction mentioning The Nun-the work will premiere in 2018. The film premiered on 11/8 with the label from the C18 (prohibiting people under 18 years old).

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