Annabelle Creation: fear processing thanks to amusing details

The film just stop at recreational level due to still go on trails that line the horror film from dozens of years now have not escaped. Annabelle: Creation revolves around the events that happened before Annabelle (2014), reveal the origins of the haunted doll red hair. The film begins when a group of orphaned girls move to the House of the husband and wife do dolls. Here, the evil force are settled and awaiting release date ... 

Annabelle: Creation first "eat" in forming the character goes on. As well as the evil Valak ever "do rain wind" in two parts The Conjuring earlier, "the boys" Annabelle didn't disappoint with two single braid hair featured, beautiful dresses and on the lips always bloom every Coast smile when coward ma audience. Just like the film was enough to become the blockbuster box office in August, and if the said set entirely likely laid the Foundation for a horror universe bankability.

The film made the audience just laugh, just tired of ngẩm by the punk was too familiar. This success made him somewhat recall the monumental horror as Jigsaw in Saw or Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw. Herself movies were critically cooking otherwise but the iconic character back to become the obsession may not fade in popular culture. It seems that this is the formula that many horror films are targeted, so that through many years, Hollywood still try tapping boring not knowing the iconic doll, clown, long hair or soul murder crime wearing a mask.

However, to Annabelle: Creation can really make the audience scared as monuments go, far away. If the old days, Ghost dolls Chucky can make the audience "keen" and don't dare hug doll bed, then today the descendants Annabelle more amusing is to cause fear. In addition to the plot not creativity, the film still uses many Chian people watching punk game quite old. The first is the phase jump scare (taking advantage of the element of surprise to cause the fear) appear boys, at which no longer can make the audience scared anymore.

Then, the manufacturer is also an abuse way too many sound effects to induce adrenalin, as the sudden noise, sing joyful songs, You Are My Sunshine was released on the most thrilling scenes. Overall, Annabelle: Creation is still very fine to see entertainment, but still about poor material, missing in action and elaborate to become worthy of horror works save impress film lovers. On IMDb, the movie is 7.3/10 dots along with 81% on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie will start airing August 10.8.

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