12 easy to do at home snack simple pole

Synthesis of easy to make at home snacks delicious. Our culinary world wouldn't be complete if such as robbing the snacks delicious simple medium medium easy to do can feed real time Board. And today Let's take a Free Moment exploring the right snacks easy to do at home to supplement added to his real Grill cooking manual varied and interesting!

12 easy to do at home snack simple pole
-Fried Dough: well as nem chua, fried fried dough, Hanoi is Saigon presents dissipated can't meter swung hot through the year, as it always is preferred. Was a Chinese snacks, but when you enter about Saigon, fried flour has quickly won sympathies from the enchanted pavement restaurants.

-Fruit beams: Many sisters have preferences, junk food, but worry about weight problems as well as the skin. Therefore the fruit beams is a dish just snacking preferences are met by the sisters, just to help my sister can "throw" bad skin worries. This is also a simple homemade dishes depending on each person's preferences. Just have those kind of fruit to your liking and a bit of condensed milk, coconut juice you've got just one cup of fruits delicious beams.

-Nem chua FRY: a gift of the most popular Classifieds and never run out of hot young Hanoi, nem chua, fried has and is continuing on the path taken kindly to know how many young visitors of the land. Each of the pieces are cut small rolls taste, pulled out a pan of hot, steaming, stinking remains outside the Golden fried, crispy, soft inner rụm, bold taste, dotted with chili and served with cucumbers, then a drive to "oành" sold at food would not know.

-Kim sa dumplings: in summer this year was the accession of buns arnica "legendary" (also known under other names such as milk, egg dumplings Golden dumplings ...). All white flour crust, fragrant incense blend milk with the subdued human eggs inside the gold ruộm, smooth, medium-sweet match fat back slightly salty, ngầy on salted egg's ate 1 piece is certain to eat more in the second, third, ... further satisfy cravings.

-Rice paper roll mix: mix is familiar snacks of the people the South but at present this dish also makes young the "enchanted Titus". Do roll mix of simple, doesn't take much time should she enlist do to just get delicious food and compliments the cleverly!

-Bim bim potatoes: a dish of quick, convenient, easy to do are carbonated potatoes. BIM bim potatoes not only are kids preferred that it also makes students, the Office also went under. To do so are popular snacks, you don't need expensive materials preparation as well as the need not to lose too much time by all was right in your home kitchen.

-Rice rolls (gimbap): for the teen then gimbap dish is a dish just to listen to them. Gimbap is there how to do simple and popular in South Korea. It is used in the picnic or snacks for the usability and compact. Traditional gimbap is made from beef Bulgogi, vegetable, omelettes, rice mixed with sesame oil and salt. Also when you enter about Vietnam, gimbap has been changed a number of materials to suit the taste of the Vietnamese people. Currently, besides gimbap is usually also a fried gimbap. The teen may be eaten with different sauce types, customized preferences.

-Cheese sticks: have to say about the games two years ago, time is the most prosperous of the landmark "the Empire" cheese sticks in the community of young Mexican snacks. Taste greasy, toughness of each cheese stick hidden in the deep fried crust crispy tan ruffled, yellow ruộm conquered all the customers in the South, in addition to the North.

-Caramel popcorn: popcorn and caramel are two dishes like her sweet perfect passwords. So, when the two things combined together will form a big boom for her perfect sweet. How can avoid be attractive from a sweet sweet dishes back greasy like this? Not only attractive, this dish is also cheap and easy to do again the teen.

-Marshmallow: childhood of the child ever is also associated with the junk food. The Red Green sweets, dai dai, more eye catching shapes would be nice memories never forgotten when mentioning each person's childhood. Let's take toplist remake this exciting dishes to remember about childhood.

-Human flesh: Makati pillow Cake is stepping into the currency, provoking cold for one more anniversary of this ancient city. Picture a group of people gather to sit with the fire party pillow cake delicious, crispy golden is probably one of the features of Hanoi. Has long, pillow cake became a popular snacks of the people here and across the country.

-Mango chili salt beams: mention snacks, not mentioning the mango chili salt beams, the result is flawed. The bitter taste of mango, spicy, salty, salty Chili's of salt combined with a little sweet of sugar then surely will "knock" is not the little sister. Just a plate of mangoes, she can sit together at all sessions do not end of story. Mango beams is not only a tasty snacks that it also be used in combination in full meals to reduce the sensation of eating, stimulating the desire to eat. Many uses but is doing very simple beams mangoes. Whether or not the first job to be clever, the Little Mermaid will also succeed right from the first.

The Easy-To-Do At Home Snacks-The Hot Snacks Available Today. Would only just heard he saw attractive and stimulating, didn't you? Save right back to the easy to do at home snacks we've just introduced on to treat yourself and your family a relaxing moments of enjoyment and comfort.. Readmore mam com viet

Top the HOT snacks for today's Vietnam

The culinary art of the street-The Vietnam hot snacks are favorite youth today. Cultural street food or junk food is the very interesting colors and attractive addition to culinary background of each country more special and private. Today Let's take a Free Moment strolling a perimeter streets to discover an hot nhat hien vat mon velvet now, yes you!

-Milk Tea: Every taste, a special appeal. It comes to junk food, how can skip milk tea? The drink became well-known and widely popular throughout North-Central-South. The cost for a cup nor high, ranging from 20-40 k, suitable for pupils and students. Milk tea is now more diverse, from fudge, strawberry-flavor tea, milk tea, socolate, cheese, ... in a variety of flavors to satisfy all the needs of consumers.

-Salted egg cake: for with junk food, cakes of salted egg exotic appeal. In the list of hot snacks for today how well has this delicacies. New muffin cake fragrance, bite a piece of fat, with the taste of salt, egg on, on, from cheese, add less water is a wonderful dry no longer delivered to the left. Of course, salted egg flan is not common as coated cake mix but still ranked top of the most delicious snacks in the hearts of the faithful.

-Roll mix: When summarizing the hot snacks for today, almost ranking would also roll this unique mixing dish. Derived from the land of sunny and the wind in Tay Ninh, piece of cake coated in crushed salt fog exposure shrimp, dried beef, roasted peanuts, knotweed, rule, ... bring the feeling of dining experience extremely special. Where only delicious that roll mix also easily addictive, anyone who enjoy both remember forever not forgotten.

-Taiwan: Taiwan Tea is a combination of the types of green beans, red beans, taro root security, Thach Frost flute, Pearl black .... served with real mashed shaved ice made the dish just like tea, just like ice cream.

-Human cow Cake coconut: per run through here is probably would also have to smell the fragrant blend of cake for thuồng cravings all the neighborhood, make sure the you will have to buy the right food for one dozen help the drinker. Exotic cakes taste, coconut kernel inside made fudge should eat sweet and not boring at all ... because the pastry crust aroma that pale pale. Also here are also more dairy cake and soft drinks delicious.

-Cream Roses: followed the "hot trend" from the year 2016 as ice cream ice cream buffet, fish, ice cream cinnamon snail ... cream roses were also well-received. Although the Commission's new ice cream was introduced to Vietnam but are "making rain wind" on the social networking site and many young curious looking to enjoy.

-Cream Roses: the main clients are recognized as a work of art because of the speed required of it. To complete a tree cream, every employee to take up to 3-5 minutes to do cinnamon snail tree, then each slice thin cream chopped meticulously to form petals. To the beautiful flowers and the like, the punch is incredibly skillful and careful, miết and bending petals not rupture and placement physicals, real soft. Holding an ice cream like, many people also do not dare you eat.

-Hot casting: Cake is popular despite the winter or summer. People often eat simple dish this budget at the cab driver, when tan range has just hungry. Hot casting soft plastic wheels were quánh, eating the same meat, fat, onions, beans, fried golden in the water Extractor, chan in class.

-Phở cuốn 7 colors: red, yellow, pumpkin's GAC, green vegetables, purple cabbage, Brown's of brown rice ... makes the book no longer monotonous noodle that is much more eye-catching, while retaining the soft factors, dai of traditional noodle. Noodle the book is filled with 1 package crawfish, boiled pork little nõn comes the same vegetable salads and many other aromatic vegetables.

-Kim sa dumplings: arnica dumplings or salt egg dumplings haven't ever hot. Hot dumplings when carrying out, be double bend with your hand, human milk fat, Bui eggs give flow very suggestive crave. If the cake to cool, dense, but will still taste extremely stimulating.

-Patbingsu: Patbingsu-Korean shaved ice dish made famous is no stranger but bingsu, fresh fruit is a completely different experience. Pure, beautiful skin, good for health, so tired of not being beautiful to photograph presentation check in facebook. Bingsu fresh fruits are often made from cantaloupe, watermelon ... with half the bowler made double tonic, meat melons are piled high with finely shaved ice and milk cream sauce evenly sprinkle soy source.

Junk Food Hot For Now In Vietnam. If ever try through the Vietnam snacks that Moment Free just above the sample and if love, let's learn how to always treat yourself. Reamore : cac mon an vat

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