Thai household electrical appliances officially led the import into Vietnam

The Kingdom of Thailand has officially proclaimed itself king of China in becoming one of the country's leading suppliers of household electrical appliances and components to Vietnam. According to the rankings of the Trade and Industry Information Center, Thailand accounts for more than 50% of the total import value of key commodities to Vietnam.

In the first two months of 2017, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade announced, the volume of imports into Vietnam increased about $ 238.5 million with items such as household electrical appliances and components. Thanks to the growth of 5.15% past, higher than the same period of 2016. In February alone, imports of household electrical appliances and components reached $ 155.3 million, up 85.3% from the first half of the year. 2017.

However, in terms of import markets, Thailand has officially touted the throne of China and became one of the main import markets for Vietnam. Imports of household utilities and components accounted for 54.5% of the total turnover and reached $ 120 million, roughly 3.1% higher than the same period last year.

As for the Chinese national market imported into Vietnam, the speed began to fall slightly, falling only 2.49% over the same period last year, and now stands at $ 42.5 million. Along with the game, there is also the presence of the Malaysian nation, but now the total target reached only $ 32.9 million and actually began to reduce to 8.62% in the market of imports into Vietnam. Male.

In general, the first two months of 2017, the countries selected Vietnam to import components is completely accurate, with the growth rate in the years to come, the market is over imported goods. Exports will show signs of stronger growth in the coming years, and not just some of these countries, but many other countries will join and increase market share of imports into Vietnam.

Thai household electrical appliances are the top importers in Vietnam

At present, if we assess the general situation of the market, the country of Thailand will have a strong promotion of the import into Vietnam, typical people can see, some market share of supermarkets. Has fallen into the hands of economic tycoons in Thailand, because of the trend of anticipation of investment in Vietnam in the future so far, can be considered Thailand is a formidable opponent Most other countries compete for Vietnam's economic market.

A large number of small supermarkets are the representatives of the Thai nation in Vietnam, started to put the goods in Thailand, thanks to the affection of sentiment close to the Vietnam market, and by the quality of goods. Thailand's reputation has been well-known for many years, so the amount of Vietnamese people began to accept the purchase of goods in Thailand for daily consumption. So in the future, can Vietnamese goods be able to withstand the thick Thai goods on the shelves today?

Although Vietnam's high quality products are still struggling, both domestically and internationally, they are still struggling to compete in the international market. But Pacific Mind still believes that Vietnam will lead the market share of imports into Thailand, just like what Thailand has invested in Vietnam today. Although it is too late now, what we will do in the future will prove that Vietnam's market share is still strong, and the level of economic growth of Thai exports and imports will be top. 1 will be evident in the future to come.

Thai Electrical Appliance Store

High quality Thai goods, Vietnamese goods will also be dubbed Vietnam high quality products, if in every Vietnamese people are always aware of, what problems in the future will do what? If we want to develop, we must innovate in thinking and technology later, not to be backward and to pursue something inanimate, from there to other countries always. Lead in quality, and product in your country.

Meanwhile, I still stammered in place, but people have grown up dizzy from any life. We, desperately want Vietnam to develop further, the more we have to work. And ask yourself: Why Thailand leads imports into Vietnam? And we, "Why do not Vietnam lead the import into Thailand?" The question seems to be another joke, but think back on the matter, to make that difficult question come true. I believe the business in Vietnam will make that utopia! dien gia dung thai lan

In the recent years, Tam Binh Pacific also see that the tourism industry in Vietnam is focusing on Thailand a lot. Evidence is that there are always days to travel to Thailand, and therefore you will find that people are thinking about the industry to import into their country, then you will park How is Thailand's tourism thinking going to Thailand?

We have the power of people, and the Thais have the power of technology, why do not people like us economic value for our country. Thailand is strong in importing household appliances into Vietnam, Vietnam will prove that the tourism industry in Thailand is strong because the majority of Vietnamese travel to this area. Let's prove that we are the ones to be praised for letting Southeast Asia see that Thailand's tourism industry is thriving to this day, because of the Vietnamese people we come to and travel here.

We come to Thailand, not just for travel and relaxation, but to Thailand to learn how they succeed. Learn how the Thai industry develops. From that, it is possible to promote the potential strength of the country of Thailand to apply to Vietnam. Never let the Vietnamese lose to any other country, and do not let Vietnam slacken on the current international market. I believe that Vietnam will realize that idea.

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