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Honored for the achievement of Super Sales of the month, it was Tam Pacific. Belongs to the top-notch members of Pacific Travel. The number of TOP Super Sales people in the company only counts at the finger tips, but this time please welcome new member is Tam Pacific, nicknamed Tam . If you book a tour Thailand or Cambodia tour you contact immediately with sales manager is Pacific Pacific you nhé! Super Sales tour Thailand Pacific Tam

To gain the honor of becoming a Super Sales in the company, in addition to being forced to reach the number of people dreaming of signing up for a tour to Thailand, or a tour to Cambodia, you have to have faith in The people around the company. Beyond that, you have to know how to create stimulus strategies for your business system, so that travel companies can grow stronger in later times.

Not everyone can do it, and not everyone is financially capable to operate at all. As a young and aspiring future, as well as having confidence that he will succeed, Pacific is still young, as well as his immature overseas travel industry. But after spending several years working in the industry, as well as learning and gaining a lot of experience in Thailand as a tour guide, as well as a Cambodian tour guide.

Super Sales is just one of the ways to evaluate, effort your best for the company's work. Not everyone is ready to face the difficulties ahead. But if you are still indifferent to what you are doing now, it's a long way to go, you're still the next one. Therefore, life must change you also have to change, and work must be the same, no change in the way you work, you can not reach TOP Super Sales.

By working the hardest, you have to learn more from your friends and colleagues, to create a predilection for your current job as a sales person. Not just talking, chatting, doing and doing, and self-awareness of where you stand in this company. No matter what you're competing for, and racing into this Super Sales position, you just focus your energies on your current job. Make things that are becoming boring, into something fun and attractive in you.

My name is Tam, and my nickname is Tam Tam, but since I've been in the company for several years now, I've been officially named Tam Pacific. From the first toddler days to this sales path, I was like a small ant in the giant ant colony, and myself had to go to school in new environments, and not everyone was the teacher who taught you. The first steps. It is you, yourself have to learn, you pay the price for your mistakes in the sales tour failed. Then you will have useful experience for yourself. In the classroom, no one just teaches you that mistake, but you have to do it and make it right, so that you will know from it that sales career is not easy? If so easy to come? Then everyone has done Super Sales then? du lich thai lan

If someday, you feel like your business, no longer become simple, then you punish yourself. Give yourself a mistake, and self-criticism of yourself, why do people do not do it. Have you really tried your best? Or is it still with the messy mess? If that's still the case, then Mind Pacific recommends taking a few days off, letting your mind relax first, then restart your current business.

Then go find some good sales people you will learn there. Please accept the following, and accept the evaluation of those who go before. Because of your chosen path, the road is crowded, and full of risk and temptation later. But it will be one of the most valuable experiences you will learn from the previous super sales. However, the way that people call each other is that Super Sales just creates mental strength for you, because without the name Super Sales, Pacific Center thinks you do not have the power to grow. Add yourself in the path ahead.

Take the unrealistic name of the Super Sales Tour to give you more will and strength. Take the road to chong thorns as a springboard for the development of yourself. Take collective strength to strive in the business market. Get yourself a glass of water, to relieve the current pressures that you are about to face. And get Tam Pacific for a matcha tea, to get rid of all the pressure.

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