Register Thai tour 5 days 4 nights in addition to cost money to what?

In addition to the registration of Thailand 5 days 4 nights tour, customers, in addition to paying the Thai tour registration amount, what other costs? That is the usual question, which all current customers are addressing this issue, then by the way, Pacific Center also ask questions for those customers in this topic is always offline. The question is not too difficult, and just one of the issues that many customers before travel or often put forward.

That is why many Vietnamese tourists are always hesitant, and after being given the best answer, he seems to have dispelled all the troubles of current customers. From here, guests get a sense of total peace of mind, before the registration of Thailand tour 5 days 4 nights today. If you register Thai tour then you can support Tam Pacific with telephone number or switchboard for specific advice.

In addition to the amount that you pay when you book a 5 day 4 night Thailand tour, you will need to pay the TIPS money to the tour guide for a total of $ 15 for 5 days and 4 nights. Then you will spend $ 3 a day, for a Thai tour guide. If calculated according to the value of money in Vietnam, will fall into the range of 70,000 VND, too cheap for the efforts of the Thai guides in a day, when they will have to serve their delegation, from morning to To the evening.

Left, you will hardly pay any more money? But that is for visitors with Vietnamese nationality. As for foreigners, or overseas Vietnamese, besides the cost of the initial tour, plus TIPS, you also have to see which country the tourists come from, in order to be able to pay money for letters and money. Cost for customs at the airport. That price will fluctuate, range $ 40 to $ 70 only, depending on when the state set the current price like? dang ky tour thai lan 5 ngay 4 dem

And after the expenses for the expatriate, the rest is up to you, when you want to carry a lot of money, to serve your current needs. However, there is one problem that many travelers make, if you buy a group ticket, you will not be affected by 20kg checked baggage, because the fare is currently sold on the market, is each Guests will have 20kg checked baggage and 7kg baggage carry.

Then, for those Vietnamese tourists who want to go on that day, but now that the fare is off, it is imperative to go with the odd ticket, then you should remember one thing. Unconditional baggage allowance, excluding 20kg checked baggage, only 7kg baggage allowance. Because of this, many visitors before booking tour do not pay attention to this problem. They thought in a 7kg bag that they could carry big and big suitcases, but when they were punished by the airport customs, they wondered about the problem now.

So, you need to ask the Thai tour consultancy for you. You will not have to go to Thailand airport, you will have to consider the cost, will be the customs of Thailand or customs Vietnam, check your luggage. So, keep on asking what you do not know, and wonder what you need to care more about. Do not let ignorance before booking a Thai tour in time, the customer is always the most god.

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