How much money do Thai travelers need to carry?

How much money do you need to bring Thailand to Thailand? According to Tam Pacific, if you determine from the beginning that shopping is carried around 5000 baht to 20,000 baht to buy. And if it is determined to be for food and drink, carrying less than 5000 baht is just enough. Because there are very high prices in Thailand, not to mention that many of the giants like to go bar club, with 5000 baht not enough to spend anymore, and many people like to go to the show in Thailand. Not enough baht to eat after watching the show !!! 5000 baht is certainly not enough.

So, should you consider your financial needs now? In order to have enough money to spend, just enough money to spend shopping again. There are customers of Tam Pacific, who will usually bring 20,000 baht to buy household items in Thailand, as well as buy food and beverages at supermarkets in Thailand such as BIG C Super Center. hate. And there are also customers, mainly through Thailand, who usually offer Buddha images worth 50,000 Baht to 100,000 Baht!

In addition, there are visitors to Thailand is the purpose of watching the show, a show is priced at 1500 Baht, two shows cost 2500 Baht, and the price for three shows is 3500 Baht. Therefore, they bring more money BAHT to be able to spoil the game. Not to mention, in the bar club in Pattaya City, the cost of drinking a beer only, has reached 60 baht to 100 baht. So, 1000 baht is only 10 bottles of beer in the club bar in Thailand only.

1 BAHT Thailand = VND? How much money for a Thai BAHT?

For Thai foreign currency, only in Vietnam, you will buy the cheapest. According to Tam Pacific, I often change the BAHT money in the Ben Thanh market, and the price is 680 VND for 1 Baht. So calculated 10 Thai baht = 6800 VND and 100 Thai baht = 68000 VND only. Sometimes it can be reduced, if you change the amount of money. However, sometimes there are places to change the BAHT Thailand, the price is 700 VND for one PAM. And most often, they calculate the exchange rate, because sometimes the price of BAHT fluctuate abnormally, it is not easy to change the price good? Mind Pacific, each time to change the Thai baht to go to the delegation, I usually change over 30000 baht, because changing the level I will have a better price than the other.

Just as you go to buy gold for example, you buy 1 gold, the other, 1 gold price is different, and 1 gold is the other. And almost every gold shop, there are many places the price of gold up or down erratic, but can not sell too high, because too high, then lose the brand and gold shops that do not have many customers to sell gold. How much money do Thai travelers need to carry?

Therefore, if you want to change the money BAHT Thailand to spend, then you need to measure specifically what you need to do and what to buy, as well as what to eat? To make enough money to spend comfortably, like the giants, they do not have to worry about many of these issues, they carry a heap of money over there to eat for good money, VIP so go it? Those bosses often spend money even the face.

In addition, you can bring dollars to exchange money BAHT, but the exchange rate has fluctuated abruptly, I can not grasp the exchange rate today, and the day before? Only water is you update on the bank in Vietnam, to capture the current exchange rate? Since you change in Vietnam, you get this price, but then you go to Thailand to change from baht to baht, the price is different, no place like any place, and exchange rate of each place will be different chi phi di du lich thai lan

In addition to currency exchange, you can also use your VISA card to withdraw money from the BAHT always, and how to withdraw it is quite good, because the rate of the bank in Thailand, usually will be better prices. Much more than exchanging money at counters in the city. However, the amount of money you withdraw once, then will be charged surcharge internationally, as well as a double-edged sword! Cash withdrawal with ATM cards is the most convenient, but taxed abroad.

Also change at the counter, then according to experience Pacific Center, you should change in the big commercial center, to have good rates, then if you need money too, then you can change in the bank also torch. But requires knowing English, or changing right in the airport when you are down is best. Also call the exchange counters outside, the difference between high or low rates depending on the time. Should you be disadvantaged, if you switch to the counter outside.

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